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Make Tons of Gold in World of Warcraft - Daily Quests


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Do you need to make tons of gold in World of Warcraft? Who doesn't? But you're probably tired of grinding away by killing the same mobs over and over, or of running from node to node using your gathering profession (especially if you don't have an epic flying mount). What other option do you have? Daily quests, of course!

Daily Quests were added in The Burning Crusade expansion to World of Warcraft. They are quests just like any others, except that you can redo them every single day. So instead of just finishing the quest once and never seeing it again, every day the same quest giver will offer the same quests to you. So you can do it one day, and then show up again the next day and do the quest again.

One great thing about it is that when you go back to do the quest a second time, you'll already know how to do it. No running around trying to figure out where things are, no asking in general if someone will be nice and help you out, no tabbing out to check the web for answers on how to do the quest. You just show up, grab the quest, and do the exact same thing you did the day before.

Another good thing about daily quests is that they are almost all easier than other quests. They are designed to be short and fairly easy so that you can knock them out and get on to the next one. The whole reason that they were added to the game was to enable people to make tons of gold, so it seems logical that you should do exactly that. There are a couple of the quests that can take a long time to do, or drag you all over the place trying to complete them, but for the most part you'll find that the daily quests are quick and easy once you've done them the first time.

Finally, all of the quests pay out cash and some have additional rewards. Each time you complete one of the daily quests you'll get around 10 gold, or sometimes even more. Doing just a few per day adds up very quickly, and you'll soon wonder where all the money came from.

One thing to keep in mind is that while you can do the quests every day, you can't do more than 25 in any single day. For most people that won't be an issue - even if you really want to farm gold in World of Warcraft, you probably won't want to do that many quests at a time. But if you do, you'll have to stop when you reach 25.

Whether you do just a couple or a lot, daily quests can be a great way to pump up your bank account. Keep at it every day, and before you know it you'll be able to afford a epic flying mount or epic gems or whatever else it is that you need. Daily quests are a great way to make tons of gold in World of Warcraft.

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