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Farming Gold in World of Warcraft Through Daily Quests


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Daily quests are a great method of farming gold in World of Warcraft. Maybe you already knew that. But today we're going to examine an idea that will save you time and improve your per hour earn rate while doing daily quests. Before we do, let's review what daily quests are.

Daily quests are a new type of quest that was added in The Burning Crusade expansion to World of Warcraft. Unlike a regular quest, you can do them more than once. In fact, you can do a daily quest every single day if you want. That's why they call it daily! Every morning between 2 and 4 am, the servers reset the daily quests and you will be able to pick up the same quest from the same quest giver all over again. It's great because you can find your favorites and repeat them as often as you like. Likewise, you can skip the ones you don't enjoy doing.

Ok, you're doing your daily quests to earn gold, but you want to really maximize the amount you're making. What are some strategies for doing that? The obvious statement is to choose the easier, faster quests because they take less time for basically the same rewards. So avoid any of the daily quests that take a long time or require you to travel long distances. But there is another thing you can do which not many people consider.

Each quest is different, but many of them are of the well-known form of “go kill 10 of xxx mob and bring back yyy that they drop. " What you may not have noticed is that there are two entirely different types of quests like this. In one case, the item you need has a chance to drop each time you kill a mob. The other type guarantees that the item will drop off of each mob. What this means to you is that for the first type of quest, you could get really unlucky and kill 10, 20 or even more of the mobs without getting the items you need. That really sucks! A quest that you planned to complete in 5 minutes could take any amount of time. And it really makes you angry too, which is no fun.

On the other hand, if you stick to the second type of quest where you know that if you kill 5 of a certain mob you will get 5 of the items you need, you will have much less variability in the amount of time required to finish the quest. So if you're just going to do a few quests a day, I highly recommend that you gravitate towards the kind that have guaranteed drops.

Not all quests are created equal. You can find out more about the daily quests that are available, how hard they are to complete, and what the rewards are by visiting And remember, for maximum earnings in the shortest amount of time, you'll be well served if you concentrate on the quests that don't require an unknown number of kills. That's the best way of farming gold in World of Warcraft.

Why go through Warcraft poor? Learn how to farm for gold like a pro! Head to for lots more information about the gold farming.


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