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World of Warcraft Quest Helper Programs - Do They Make You Grind?

Steve Phipps

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The new in game World Of Warcraft Quest helper programs have taken the old power leveling guides right into your WoW gaming interface to make leveling by solo questing much easier. I have heard several players complain that these World Of Warcraft Quest Helper programs advertise that you can level all the way to 70 without grinding yet they do have points where they make you grind. They say this is false advertising. I think these players misunderstand one basic aspect of these programs so I want to explain what happens and how to avoid it.

These programs are absolutely designed to have you power level completely using quests all the way to the top levels but there are a couple factors that affect smooth transitions from level to level. The most important is quests that have you kill mobs and loot certain items. The World Of Warcraft Quest Helper program designers have no way or predicting the drop rates while you are killing these mobs so the experience gained is going to be different from toon to toon. This is the reason program designers have put in steps that say “grind to X level"

If you have already made it to that level you will never see that step as the program automatically detects that you have aquired the proper level to move and and proceeds to the next step. If you would like to avoid getting these grinding steps it is relatively easy to achieve and I am able to power level a toon using my questing program without getting the grinding steps very easy.

What I do is kill 5-10 extra mobs every time I am working a quest that requires me to loot for a certain drop item. I also kill a few random mobs along the way as my World Of Warcraft Quest Helper is moving me from quest to quest. Doing this keeps me completely leveling using quests and I never have to grind for long periods of time to level a toon in about 7 days played time.

Interested in getting more information about the top WoW questing programs for in game power leveling? Visit: for more details and a demo video.


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