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WoW Rogue Lockpicking Guide - How to Level Your Rogue Lockpicking Skill in World of Warcraft


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One of the most useful tools that a Rogue has in World of Warcraft is the lockpicking skill. Lockpicking is something that only Rogues can do and it will come in handy anytime you are approaching a locked door, lockboxes or various chests that you will come across during quests. In order to make the most advantage of your ability to pick locks though, you need to work on your skill. So let's take a look at what's involved for Rogues trying to level lockpicking

Pick Lock at Level 16

If you are a Rogue, you can pick up the Pick Lock skill from any Rogue trainer once you reach level 16. The trainer will send you out on a quest that will give you Thief Tools and you'll learn lockpicking in the process.

If you have problems completing the quest, the first thing you should do is take a look for some orange chests in the same area and pick those locks to get your skill up. Also try any yellow ones as those offer a good opportunity for you to skill up as well.

Hot tip: Many of the chests near the lockpicking quest will instantly respawn. Go and pick them again! For Alliance Rogues, they are located at Alther's Mill and for Horde, you should check the ship near the Merchant Coast.

You can usually use the respawning chests to get you to at least 80 for lockpicking and sometimes up to 100. The number of skill points you can get is tied to your current level so if you are a level 16 Rogue you can get lockpicking to 80 and if you are a level 20 Rogue, you can work those respawning chests until you hit 100.

Other quests that can help you lockpicking skills are the Poisons quests which you can do at level 20 (but you may want to delay it until later since it is tough at level 20!). Once you pick the locked chest on this quest and remove the item inside, just close the loot window and keep picking it over and over until you hit 170 or your cap. You will need to reactivate lockpicking first after the chest respawns.

Whenever you hit your lockpicking cap, from that point on you just need to pickpocket junkboxes again and again. Pickpocket some instance mobs and then wait for the instance to reset and pickpocket them again. It's part of the fun of being a Rogue and you'll level your lockpicking skill up pretty fast too.

If you want to get the most out of your Rogue, including how to level your lockpicking skill quickly and efficiently all the way to 350, then a good Rogue Leveling Guide is going to give you the comprehensive understanding you need to get the most out of playing one of WoW's coolest classes. In addition to the lockpicking help, it includes a step-by-step guide to leveling your Rogue 1-70 in 10 days, a guide to choosing the best equipment and talent builds, and strategies for making more gold as a Rogue.

For more fast leveling info for all classes, including your Rogue, you will want to take a look at the Zygor 1-70 leveling guides . With guides for both Horde and Alliance, these are by far the most useful leveling guides available and have a great map mod as well that makes life much easier in-game.


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