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World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guides Review


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I know that most of us have tried to buy gold from the Chinese gold farmers. Well, at least I know that I have, I suppose it was fine at the time but I soon came to the realization that I was wasting my money on something that is actually very easy to do on your own.

Most of the “Powerleveling" guides that are out there today have a great deal of information that is very useful for a novice player to successfully begin to make levels quickly and easily. Most of the guides though informative, don't really have everything out there to get to the most treasured of items i. e. Flying mounts, tier 6 items, and all around general gear sets that are coveted by the most savvy players. There are a great number of Alliance and Horde leveling guides out on the market today that can get you from One through Seventy in no time (or so they claim).

In my personal experience in getting to level 70 with a warrior and paladin, I have come to find that there really is no “magic bullet" or perfect way to level quickly. As most of you know to make the most xp (experience points), you need to be fully rested and have enough rest in your leveling bar to keep getting the 200% of xp when killing mobs. Sure, grinding is going to eventually get you there but it is a long arduous task. The only way to cut down on this time is to do the quests! Quests have a set xp ratio and will get you to that desired level seventy quicker than that of grinding. Of course most quests in WoW that are worth their weight in xp are mostly “group" quests or ones that are going to require you to form instance raids.

That being said, most of us want to be in a guild that will help us in times where you will need a group for quests. Guilds are great if you have people that are going to help you regardless of your level and experience. So when choosing the right guild on your particular sever. . . . try them out. Ask the members how helpful they can be to you for raids and instance quests. Most members will let you know. . . if not. . . try the guild master or his/her officers. If you cant get definitive help. . . move on to another guild. To assess weather or not they are right for you, check how many members are at 70 or close to it. Also check to see how much disparity it is from the lowest level person in the guild. If there is more “high" level players that are not near yours and you don't see many lower level ones, it might not be too advantageous to stay with that type of guild, due to the fact that the higher level players are not able to help out as much.

If you are a loner and just want to go it alone without a guild there are many different avenues to take when questing. Powerleveling guides can help you in this instance. Personally, I have found some of the most comprehensive guides out there that not only show you how to make levels quickly but also gives you great information on gold farming and the right professions to choose. I have used these tactics to keep me in the money and have never had a problem making up to 100 gold an hour. This will further you in the long run because the right professions can make you or break you. All professions do have really great qualities and can bring you decent amounts of gold. My personal choices are the gathering type professions. . . . Skinning, Mining, and Hebraism.

Also, and one of the most important gathering type professions which anyone can do because its a secondary one is “Fishing" yes it can be boring and take away from the sexiness of the game but its rewards are awesome. I have consistently made gobs of gold just from fishing in Stranglethorn Vale. There is a fishing facts guide that can show you how to make the most out of this profession that comes with the leveling guide. Make sure that you choose the right guides that will help you benefit from many aspects of the game because you can get to level Seventy easily but when you don't have one gold to your name the game experience will definitely not be as rewarding.

To view a comprehensive breakdown of my favorite guides out there for you MMORPG gamers out there check out my Blog site at
Howard Palardy has played World of Warcraft since 2004 and has some knowledge and experience to give tips to refining ones gaming strategy and overall success in World of Warcraft.


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World Of Warcraft Power Leveling
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