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Best WoW Addons WoW Map Mods


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Of all the addons that are made for World of Warcraft, I think that some of the map mods are the most useful and the best ones won't slow down your game play with slow loading graphics. So if you're looking for the best WoW Map Mod addons to use, this list of my own personal favorites will hopefully come in handy.

Since they are free, I recommend that you go ahead and install each of them and give them a trial run. Keep the ones you like and uninstall the ones that you don't find useful. You should be able to find all of these at Curse Gaming ( Now, let's get on with the list.


You will probably find Atlas to be a crucial map mod that really should have been part of the game in the first place. For some curious reason, Blizzard doesn't have the instances mapped in Azeroth. Fortunately, Atlas solves this problem. It adds a map for every instance in World of Warcraft and it includes the boss locations too. There are also a variety of map pack plug-ins made for it so you can use those to add additional maps for things like dungeon locations, raid bosses (outdoors) and battlegrounds. This comes in extremely handy and you only have to install the ones that you need.


The Cartographer addon adds coordinates to Warcraft world map, but it also does a number of other cool things as well. You can use it to add notes, or change how the map looks with scale and transparency adjustments, etc. It also keeps track of herbs and minerals. In addition, it also shows unexplored locations on the map, which you may find pretty useful.


Looking for lots of easy quest mobs? Then MobMap will prove indispensable. It adds the positions for all NPCs and the known mobs to your in-game map. MobMap also comes with quest and merchant databases. This map mod is also available in German.


QuestHelper is another map mod that will help you out with questing. It adds all the waypoints for the quests in your quest log to your map and sorts them by shortest distance between quests in order to cut-down on how much walking you need to do between each quest. This will prove to be a real time saver.

MapMod v2 leveling addon

MapMod v2 is the only addon here that isn't free, but I'm including it because if you are interested in leveling fast, whether for Alliance or Horde, you are going to find it useful. It's made by the Team iDemise crew. Like Questhelper, it adds waypoints to the in-game map, but it does a lot more than that. It basically provides a leveling walk-through so you can just follow the arrows from one quest to the next. Also installed with it are step by step written instructions and hint and tips that are all accessible from both the Mini-map and the world map.

If you want to get the awesome MapMod v2 leveling addon, you can get it as part of the iDemise leveling guides . iDemise now has two guides available, one for Horde and one for Alliance, and they both come with the MapMod v2 addon.

And if you need more great mods, be sure and check out my other selections for Best WoW Addons .

Emma Martin is an avid WoW gamer who spends way too much time installing and uninstalling addons and plugins.


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