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World of Warcraft Addon Lightheaded Instructions on How to Use World of Warcraft Lightheaded


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Getting stuck on quest is never fun, certainly not when you are in the middle of a game and really don't want to be pressing Alt tab all the time to get the information you want.

This is why a great new module exists called world of warcraft lightheaded, and this will allow you to display quest information and comments (from the website) in-game, so you don't have to fiddle about pressing keys to get the information, it will just be displayed constantly, right there for you to see.

Another great thing about the world of warcraft lightheaded module, is that it really does not use up much resources like memory, it runs quite happily away and you won't notice any impact on your computers performance from running it. In this respect, it is very similar to ‘qcomments’ and ‘wowhead_quests’ in terms of processing power, so it's pretty good.

Whilst world of warcraft lightheaded is a great little tool, I strongly urge you to combine this with TomTom. using the addon lightheaded with the TomTom tool, you can just simply click on any of the coordinates and instantly add them to your maps as waypoints - how cool is that!

To help you on your way with using lightheaded with TomTom, I have compiled the following commands list for you:

/lh attach (Attaches the current frame to the quest's log)
/lh detach (Detaches the current frame and lets you to resize it and move it)
/lh sound (Toggles the open/close sound on and off)
/lh page (Toggles the showing of all comments on one page, or on multiple pages)
/lh bgalpha (Changes the alpha value of the LH window background textures)
/lh debug (Enables/disables the debug messages when loading quest databases)

Also, world of warcraft lightheaded has now been updated! This update allows you to correlate the data between the game client and the website, this means that you can now get much more accurate information than ever before. It even allows you to shift click a quest log to send it directly to another player.

If you are not currently using lightheaded with TomTom, then I strongly advise you to download and use them, you will never go back!

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