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Cheap WoW Gold

Steve Phipps

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You see the spammers in the game all the time advertising cheap WoW gold and it seems like a great way to get some gold for the things you want and need. More often than not it will lead to paying for cheap WoW gold that you will not receive or even worse you get caught by Blizzard and your account is banned.

I could never understand why someone would feel the need to pay real money for gaming money when there is so much great information out there on how to generate all the gold you would need for gear, mounts, profession training or anything else in the game.

The cost of purchasing just 1000 gold from even the best cheap WoW gold site is not much less than getting a guide or add-on from one of the top gamers that have been doing this for years now and you can make that same 1000 gold over and over yourself. One simple technique from one of the top guides has allowed me to have tons of on hand game cash for all my toons without ever even thinking about buying cheap WoW gold.

If you think about it 1000 gold is really not that much when a regular level 60 flying mount costs that much and a epic flying mount is around 5000 gold. If you pay $20 to buy 1000 gold from a cheap WoW gold site then you would be paying $1000 to get enough to afford an epic flying mount. Is it really worth $100 for something you use in a video game? I never understood those who think it is worth it. Of course I use techniques that allow me to make my gold in the game with a couple hours a week on any of my toons and have never had a problem getting mounts, gear or whatever I want to buy in game.

If you think buying cheap WoW gold is as ridiculous as I do and would like more information about how to make the gold easily yourself actually playing the game you can visit a nice resource blog at:


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WoW Gold - How to Use WoW Gold Guides to Make Massive Gold
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