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World of Warcraft Guides - The All Time Top World of Warcraft Guides


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With so many world of warcraft guides around it is no wonder that it is hard to distinguish which one to get and which to avoid. So here is a list going through each of the types of world of warcraft available in the market today: power levelling guides to help level you faster, gold guides to boost your gold wealth in wow and class guides to help you make the most of your character's class.

Power Levelling Guides:

The two power leveling guides that stand out the most and are the best and original are Brian Kopp's Alliance Guide and Joana's guide. I mention two world of warcraft power leveling guides because each one represent a different faction in wow. Kopp's guide is for the alliance side whereas Joana's is for the horde side. Many other guides have quite blatantly copied what they have written adding some add on or bonus to entice the buyer. But basically they are the original and best and written by two guys that actually play the game and not spend their time re-writing a guide written by someone else. To be fair if you got one of the other guides, like Zygor or I-Demise you will probably not disappointed either. At the end of the day these are guides that power level you through questing but Kopp and Joana were the first to uncover what works best.

Wow Gold Guides:

Now here is a bit tricky because there are maybe one or two and each one concentrates on different areas of the game on how to make gold in world of warcraft. Two contenders are probably Valkor's guide and the one by Derek Bleacher. Again these are two actual players of the game that have found out the hard way what works and what doesn't and give you what they know in easy to follow step by step guides that will take your gold level earnings to the next level. However for me for content and sheer volume of information that you can use, then the guide luke wrote, warcrat riches, is pure gold. Not only it is superbly presented but also has 3 complimentary guides that are also very handy whatever level you are at.

Class Guides:

Each class has its own traits and characteristic so there are at least 9 of those to consider. The best ones that have been written are the killer guides series more information of which you can find in my bio box below. Again these are world of warcraft guides that have been written by actual players in the game and have been reviewed and approved by the killer people. If you want to know more about playing a class you can pick up a class specific guide for whichever class you want to to be a specialist in. Or you can also pick them all up in an all in one economy package too. Most are well over 100 pages in length and it is the only place which offers individual class guides as far as we know.

Here you can find a selection World of Warcraft Guides , including, power leveling, gold, arena and class guides. Click on the following link for more details and in depth reviews: .

world of warcraft guides

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