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World Of Warcraft Quests - The Quickest Path To Leveling

Steve Phipps

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We all start the game doing World Of Warcraft quests in our starting area. Humans, as an example, start in Northshire and then move on to Goldshire, Westfall and Redridge. At this point it becomes a little tricky to figure out which areas provide the best World Of Warcraft quests for fastest leveling and it also depends on if you are on a PVE or PVP server.

Those on PVE may want to go to Darkshire then on to Stranglethorn Vale to pick up their next series of WoW quests. Those on PVP servers may not want to go to Stranglethorn Vale because Horde characters tend to camp out at the quest boss area to ambush Alliance players. Horde characters have the same set of issues in their own world as well.

Some of the new add on module WoW questing guides can help solve these issues and provide the most effective World Of Warcraft quests to keep your toon leveling in the fastest manner.

These add-ons will not only show you the best quests for your level but they will provide effective routing to complete a series of quests and show on screen and map directions to allow you to run through quests faster than ever before possible. Prior to using these add-ons I struggled with finding what World Of Warcraft quests I needed to be doing at say level 40,50 and so on.

The nice thing about these add-ons is you are able to knock out quests whenever you want and it then allows more time to do instances, battlegrounds and other aspects of the game that are very enjoyable without worrying about having to continually grind to get levels.

If you would like more information about one of the top World Of Warcraft Quests add-on modules you can visit:


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World of Warcraft Leveling Tips
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