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The Best Professions for Any Race, and Why


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It doesn't matter what race you are, any race can benefit from these, just as much as the next. Some races have a special ability for a profession, like the Tauren have better Herbalism abilities. This doesn't mean that your race should necessarily chose the profession that it's pre-buffed for.

No matter what race you are, you'll be best off in the beginning if you chose a gathering profession. While everyone is allowed two main professions, you can also chose to have First Aid, Cooking, and Fishing as secondary professions, and you can have all three of them.

All of the secondary professions can make you more gold, except for First Aid. The only benefit you'll have is if you craft cloth to bandages if you're selling to vendors. But if you're a healer, I wouldn't recommend First Aid at all.

Fishing and Cooking will come in very handy, and fishing can be one of the best money makers that you have.

But what about your two main professions? Well if you're new to the game you should start off with two gathering professions, either Mining, Skinning, or Herbalism. This will allow you to gather materials, and sell them in the Auction House for big profits.

Mining and Skinning are by far two of the best money makers, and therefore I believe the two best professions anyone can have. The higher level you get, and the better you get at these two, the more you'll find you are bringing in TONS of gold with them.

Other professions have good gold making strategies in them, and often they require purchasing materials from these gathering professions.

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A Few Professions in World of Warcraft
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