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World of Warcraft - Shadowfang Keep - Thanks For The Memories

Alex K. Martin

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I don't know about you, but there is a special place in my heart for Shadowfang Keep. You see, my very first character in World of Warcraft, Mandorall, is a Paladin, and the 20th Level Quest Paladin Quest The Test of Righteousness takes you to Shadowfang Keep.

As a low-level Paladin who'd never seen anything beyond Westfall, traveling to Silverpine Forest and then to Shadowfang Keep was a real treat. The heady atmospheric feeling of the whole place, the lonely, slightly run-down castle on the hill, reminded me of a youth spent playing Dungeons and Dragons and too many hours spent in Ravenloft.

(Cue extremely loud electric guitar)

But now Mandorall is Level 70, and has long since discarded the wonderful Verigan's Fist for newer, shinier weapons and various bejangles. He no longer needs help from generous level 40-ish players to get around Shadowfang Keep. He's all grown up. And they grow up so fast.

So last night Mandorall went back to Shadowfang Keep, and he painted the place red in no time, moat, courtyard and battlements.

Here's what he managed to get out of his run:

  • 1g 35s 85c Mob Cash
  • 92 s 07c Grey Stuff
  • 6s 47c Whites & Food and other useless stuff
  • 1g 50s 79c Soulbound blues (7 of them, vendor value)
  • 1g 85s 79c Bind-on-Equip Greens (21 of them, vendor value)

Total cash from this run: 5g 70s 97c

That's kind of miserable, so let's see what we get when we disenchant the Greens - still can't disenchant the Soulbounds, but a profession switch is coming faster than you think.

Here's what I go from disenchanting 21 Greens:

  • 48 Strange Dusts
  • 3 Lesser Eternal Essences
  • 2 Small Glimmering Shards
  • 3 Great Magic Essences

That translates, according to my Auctioneer Add-On, to 10g 77s 77c. That seems a bit high, but let's says 10g for the sake of argument.

My new total is now 14g 62s 95c. It's better, but it is still not great. If you're planning on running Shadowfang Keep for Cloth, don't waste your time. Here's what I found:

  • 30 Wool
  • 13 Linen
  • 5 Silk

That is not good at all. However, just for fun I ran Shadowfang Keep with Grunman, my Shaman, who is a Skinner, and I got this the following, since there are tons of wolves and you can skin the Worgen. Gross, I know.

  • 66 Light Leather
  • 38 Medium Leather
  • 4 Light Hides
  • 2 Medium Hides

That by itself will not break the bank, but it's a nice bonus. The real Bonus comes next. When I ran the instance with Mandorall, I got a Bind-On-Equip Blue, the Mindthrust Bracers.

These are nice bracers except they have a negative stamina buff. Allakhazam tells me they're worth 48g and change, but I doubt it. However, if there are worth even a quarter of that, it still makes the run profitable.

So there you have it. Mandorall's drive down memory lane at Shadowfang Keep. In closing, if you are looking to farm cloth, then Shadowfang Keep may not be right for you. You are MUCH better off running Deadmines.

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Alex also writes regularly on The World of Warcraft Forum


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