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Are You Ready For The Sunwell


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Who will tell you the problem as barriers which you'll meet? -The Archmage Ne'thul who you will find at the stern of a vessel. It is easy to find when you first arrive at the flight master in Quel'danas, and will be asked to bring him Essences of the Immortals which are using to break down the barriers by his mages. Getting an essence might needs you to get 25 people to take down one of the bosses in Sunwell.

I'm no sure whether they are the three you can access at first, who are Kalecgos, Felmyst and Brutallus. But when you get the Cache of the Shattered Sun from Archmage you will be closer the barrier and make a good preparation for breaking down and huge destroying.

According to PTR says that each Essence of the Immortals will bring the barrier down by 1.25%, and the first barrier Agamath is down to 46%. That means the total 80 Essences are needed each server, and 80 kills of the first three bosses. If Blizzard doesn't change it between now and when 2.4 goes live, you'll bring down the first barrier!

So we'll might take 240 Essences to destroy the last two barriers, am I right? It's good or bad? One member of GameSavor said that's good and bad both. We say that is good because it requires server wide team work; when we say that is bad due to the same reason. The real meaning is that the server: if your server a little behind in progression, which means you might to take a while for the top guild's there to be able to see it. No matter how much they dominate the first three bosses. If your server have 3 alliance side guilds and 5 horde side guilds in T6. If these 8 guilds are the only ones to break any content in Sunwell Plateau, and the first 3 bosses would be broken in the first week of raiding . . . how long you are able to see Kil'jaeden?

It should be real glad to see servers coming to build up the Shattered Sun offensive and clear the way to Kil'jaedan. Also it'll be fun to which server to unlock the whole thing first. Just GameSavor headed gamers on the Street logs on US servers to have the word on Sunwell. Are you ready for that?


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