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World of Warcraft - Running Deadmines For Cash - Is It Worth It?

Alex K. Martin

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Deadmines is one of the most popular instances to run on the Alliance side of World of Warcraft, and probably in the entire game. It is usually tackled by five-man teams of level 18-22 characters. The instance is populated with mobs, Elites and non-Elites, between levels 16 and 22, more or less.

Deadmines is always popular because it features the conclusion - or at least an important stop - in several Alliance chain quests. The loot, especially the Bind-On-Pickup Blues, make this instance unavoidable for anyone who wants good gear but doesn't want to pay through the nose for it at the Auction House.

Deadmines is also one of the most popular instances to “run". Having someone run you an instance means that you somehow coerce a high level character to kill everything in the instance so you can collect the loot and complete all the quests without breaking a sweat.

The coercion is usually accomplished by paying the high-level character in question, or convincing a guild mate to run the instance. I do my instance runs by myself, unless I need to help a friend out. The money to be made charging for the runs does not even come close to what can be made doing the runs for your own profit.

Let me explain.

I ran Deadmines yesterday with Mandorall, my 70th Level Protection Paladin. The run took me about 45 minutes, but I was interrupted a couple of times, so maybe a little less. Mandorall started with 214g 43s 61c in his pockets and ended the run with 215g 96s 25c, for a direct cash infusion of 1g 52s 64c. Now that's not much by anyone's standards, I'll grant you that. But there is more.

The greys and everything else (non-magical) that I sold to the Vendor totaled 37s 49c. Pitiful, but I had to throw out lots of grey stuff because of lack of bag space, again. At the end of the run, I had 8 Soulbound - bind on pickup - Blue items from various Bosses. Their vendor value was 1g 25s 29c. I also had 22 Bind on Equip green items, that had a vendor value of 1g 34s 10c.

If we add all that up, that brings us to a grand total of 4g 49s 52c, which is a little bit more reasonable, even though it's not exactly great.

I also managed to gather:

  • 94 Linen Cloths
  • 77 Wool Cloths

That is a total of 171 pieces of Cloth. That's not great, but for a 45 minutes time investment, it is not bad.

Now here's the deal.

I wrote down the value of all the green items I found so I could give you the vendor value, but I did not actually vendor them. No, precious, I sent them to Jandrador, my (otherwise useless) 46th level Warlock for disenchanting. Here are the results from 22 green items (required levels 12-20, approximately):

  • 29 Strange Dust
  • 18 Greater Magic Essences
  • 2 Small Glimmering Shards

Now we all know that Enchanting components have no vendor value, but oh boy do they have an Auction House market value!

Remember how those 22 greens were worth 1g 34s 10c? The Auction House value (based on my Auctioneer Add-On) of the Enchanting materials is 14g 73s 77c! Now you're starting to talk about real cash! I'll grant you that my Auctioneer Add-On is not the word of God himself on item values, but it'll give you an idea.

And we are not even counting the 8 Blue items I had to sell to the Vendor because I could not ship them to be disenchanted. No telling what those would have been worth.

So here is the total. If you don't disenchant and sell everything to the Vendor, your total for a Deadmines run would be 4g 49s 52c, or thereabouts. If you do disenchant, you total would be 17g 89s 19c, which is a LOT more respectable. You could, of course, sell the greens on the Auction House, and depending on what dropped for you, you could have done pretty well.

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