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World of Warcraft Gold Guide


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Gold makes the world go around in World of Warcraft. The amount of gold you have in World of Warcraft can significantly affect your play. There are many reasons to have plenty of gold when playing-mounts, weapons, armor, training, materials and spells are all reasons to have plenty of gold. As you play the game, you will learn that you will need more and more gold the higher up in levels you go.

There are several things you can do to increase your gold bank account. One of the best things you can do early in the game is start a profession such as mining or skinning. Early on in the game you are going to be running around many caves and plenty of open areas with lots of monsters that you can skin. Both mineral ore and skins can be sold to other players for a serious profit or placed at auction for profit. If you pick up either one of these professions or both, be sure to also obtain plenty of bags for carrying and storing the ores and skins you gather. The more slots in the bag the better you will be.

Another great way to gather gold and experience is by actually completing the quests offered. Questing is a wonderful way to gaining gold especially in the lower levels because the quests aren't usually that difficult. Along side the silver you get, you also gain experience which translates to leveling up.

A side effect to questing is the drops. You can find some great drops when questing. Most of these you can sell at auction and make even more money for your character. Keep an eye out for mobs when you are questing because they tend to drop the best items (the only exception being the high level bosses).

Humanoids tend to drop items such as cloth and wool. You generally won't find those items on say a bear or spider. So depending on what you are collecting will dictate what you kill. Also, a great character class for creating a gold gatherer is the Hunter class. They have some great abilities including owning a pet which will help to solo. Being able to solo and not share your loot also helps you to gain gold quickly.

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