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The Truth About The Auction House That Every Player Must Know


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Are you giving away money in the Auction House? Are you getting what your items are worth every time? How do you know what your items are really worth?

For the longest time when I didn't even know what the Auction House was, let alone how to master it. Then I used it a few times, and saw way more profits than selling to a vendor. If you're wanting to make gold, then the Auction House is going to be your best friend.

And if Making Gold isn't your thing, then just wait until you're a level 40 and don't have a mount, or a level 70, and not on an epic flying mount. Its part of the game and you pretty much don't have much of a choice. But it's a lot of fun and really easy to make lots of gold anyway.

If you're using the Auction House right now, there's a few pointers that I want to give to you to help you make more gold today and everyday.

The first one is very simple, yet lots of people get it wrong every day. . . even after I explain it some of you still won't get it. When you're listing an item, look at what others are selling theirs for. So if you're selling a First Aid Book, and someone has theirs listed for 3g 75s, you'll know what to price yours at. Price is JUST under theirs. If I see yours and it says 3g 64s, guess who's I'm buying. . . yours!

I've seen people who think that to get the sale they need to be WAY below, I've posted First Aid Books at 3g 64 and made a killing on them for a very long time. But there always seems to be that one. . . uninformed individual who thinks he must be at 2g to sell. He's leaving 1g 50s on the table every time.

Don't be that guy, be competitive, get the sale, and make the most you can every time.

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Make Gold From the WoW Auction House When Starting Out
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