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WoW Leveling Guide - Getting To Level 70 The Fastest Way

Steve Phipps

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Anyone who may be considering spending money on power leveling services or a WoW leveling guide may want to read this article before spending any money. There are literally hundreds of people selling a WoW leveling guide and the fact is many of them are either outdated information or simply not worth the cost of the guide. There are some very good guides and programs available and I have tried out dozens of them.

When it comes to World Of Warcraft Leveling services, do not waste your time or your money. Why would you pay the hundreds of dollars that they charge to power level a toon to 70 and then what are you going to do, pay it again to have an alt toon leveled? A good WoW leveling guide will allow you do level as many toons as you want for a single guide purchase.

If you decide to purchase power leveling from a service be advised that, if caught, you risk having your account banned and you lose all of your efforts. Another thing to consider is you will have to give a leveling service access to your account. Many times these services will strip toons of anything that sells so they can make more gold and sell to other characters. These companies know that there is nothing you can do because if you complain to Blizzard they are going to lock your account for using a service.

When it comes to WoW leveling guides, there are almost too many on the market to talk about. A good World of Warcraft power leveling guide should take you step-by-step through the game, from level 1-70, and help you become a better player in the process. They should not be just a cut and paste guide from free information all over the web. A WoW leveling guide should also be written by a player who is familiar with the game and who uses the secrets that they put into their guide to level their own toons to 70. Some guides are written by writers who have never played one minute of World of Warcraft, and their guides make no sense when you read them.

Of course, there are a few great guides out there that will truly help any World of Warcraft player go from a “noob" to a 70 in no time at all. These guides are done by great players who can level a toon to 70 in less than a week. WoW leveling guides come in the form of a written e-book and some are now in the form of game add-on modules that install into your gaming interface and provide real-time direction as you play.

If you are interested in getting more information about the top guides online for making gold or power-leveling you can check out: Joniki's Top World Of Warcraft Leveling & Gold Guides


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WOTLK Northrend 70-80 Leveling Guide - Fastest Way to Do This in Warcraft Wrath .
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