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On Line Games Review, Beating Bubble Trouble - The Most Difficult Game From uVme Yet!


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Now here's an on-line game that not only looks difficult - it is! There is nothing like it on the main competing sites, like King and Pogo.

Bubble Trouble, one of the more difficult games to play on uVme, requires you to think and react quickly as you maneuver Bob the Bubble from the ocean's floor to the surface. As you make your assent, you will have to avoid spiked balls that can kill you and drag Bob back to the floor.

These spiked balls multiply and increase in speed, so developing a few strategies as you progress through this game is important to your survival.

One of the most effective strategies to use is to move in the opposite direction of the spikes at all times when possible. This means that you should gather the green balls at one end of the screen while the spikes are at the other. As they move, you move. While this strategy may not prevail in the end, it has helped increase longevity for many.

Keeping the cursor as close to Bob as you can will ensure that you always have control over him as you avoid the spikes. If you allow your cursor to drift too far, you will no longer be able to move him. Because the spikes can kill you in an instant, being able to quickly dart left, right, up or down will result in a higher score.

Along the way, power ups will be made available to you. If you're able to reach them, you will be able to shrink the spikes for a limited time, slow them down, shrink yourself or become invincible - for a little while, at least.

Unfortunately, if you are stuck by a spike, you will fall way, way down to the place where you started. This can be disheartening if you make it halfway or more before this happens.

While you can work your way back in this game, focus is very important. With four chances to reach the surface, starting over four times is not much fun. Bubble Trouble is addictive mostly because there is a gauge to the right of the screen that measures how far you travel before being struck by a spike and how far it is before you reach the surface.

Begin able to measure yourself against your own best score is what will keep you from turning the game off and playing another.

As with all of uVme's on line games, there is the facility to play for free, and even issue challenges for free.

Whatever you do - play for free for a few games at least , or like Bob, you will get pricked and end up totally submerged, with empty pockets.

You have been warned!

Want to escape from the daily stress and into the challenging world of on line skill games ? Play for free or for a small wager, or even take part in high price ticket tournaments on line skill games are the answer. For a lifetime of free games, check this out.


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