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World of Warcraft Warrior Mastery Guide


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Ever thought why warriors are so popular in WoW? There are plenty of world of warcraft warrior guides posted around which give tips mostly for PvP. Unless you are an experienced warrior, these tips could be a bit too technical to comprehend. However in this short WoW warrior guide we shall have a more simple overview on what it takes to play warrior whether you like to solo play or group play. This class plays very well whatever your preference.

You will always be warned against playing a warrior in WoW because they are so gear dependent. This is actually okay, because their choice of gear is so vast you can have great fun speccing him or her out. The only weapons they can't use are wands and relics, and they are the only class, apart from Paladins, that can plate up once hitting level 40 . Having plate not only makes your character look fearsome but it adds to their already awesome armor and power.

The ability they have for taking and inflicting damage is so great that warriors are called Tanks. This is a term derived by the fact that while in group combat they are the chief takers and givers of major damage and thus probably the most vital member to have on board to ensure success. Seldom will there be instance runs or raids where there in no tank and the warrior is the best tank bar none. One or two other classes can assume this role but they are not as effective.

Like all other classes, warrior talents and abilities are split into trees. Depending on the talent tree chosen you can specialize your warrior in the following way:

As Arms Warrior it allows players to have multiple talents mostly with abilities both for offensive and utility purposes. Two handed weapons are the weapons most used as they give the heaviest damage which, with the aid of the “Mortal Strike" ability and others, generate great damage during combat.

As Fury a Warrior you have the best choice for power levelling quickly in Wow. They too use two handed weapons and with talents like “Flurry" inflict strikes that win fights with one single move. If you play Rogue, being a Fury warrior will give you similar stats and weapon damage capabilities with the added bonus of wearing the best armor there is: plate.

Protection Warriors is a specialization for both offensive and defensive combat, very useful in group/raiding/instance runs. These warriors are much more likely to last longer in combat as they rely on shields and sword mastery abilities that prolongs their survivability making them perfect as Tanks.

Whatever type of tree you build up, talents and abilities are limited in access by the stance a warrior assumes. These are: Battle Stance (Normal), Defensive Stance (Protection), and Berserker Stance (Fury). Obviously each stance will be more leaned to what kind of warrior you specialized into ie Beserker Stance for Fury Warriors and Defensive Stance for Protection Warrior (tanks).

At last here is the unofficial World of Warcraft Warrior Guide that will give you a massive advantage over every other WoW classes both in PvP and PVE.

James Ross is a currently active world of warcraft player and guides buff as well as webmaster of the World of Warcraft Guides site.


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