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7 Pirates of the Burning Sea Tips You Need to Know


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Pirates of the Burning Sea is a vary complex game. It's easy for players to overlook some of the simplest game options as they play. We've come with a list of 7 simple things you can do to make your gaming experience much better. Make more money, kill enemies easier, and level up quicker by using the following tips:

1. AUTO-FIRE: If you hold down control and then left-click on your ‘Fire Cannons’ icon in your tool-bar, you can set your guns to fire as soon as they are loaded. They will only fire on targets you have selected, so make sure you know who you want to fire at before you try this.

2. DUAL BROADSIDES: You can not only set your guns to auto-fire, but you can also fire on targets that you have not selected. If you have one target selected and are firing at it, but another comes into range on the other side of your ship, you can fire at them as well just by double right-clicking them. This is great when the enemy is all around you and you want to maximize your firepower.

3. HALF-STRENGTH BROADSIDE: You don't have to wait until your guns are all reloaded. If your gunners are half-loaded (signified by the small circle near the battery icon), you can hold down ALT and left-click on the battery you want to fire. Very good if you are getting to the point where every shot counts.

4. PARTIAL AUCTION HOUSE ORDERS: The Auction House in POTBS is not like other games. There are no ‘buyout’ prices, and if you offer more than the item's price, that's how much it will sell for. But, you usually find a good deal on multiple items if you select the ‘partial’ option. Try to pick up partial orders for fractions of the price, as people will often try to get rid of small lots just to make room in their inventory.

5. PRIVATE CHAT: If you want to send someone a private message, just click on their name in the chat window.

6. GENERAL SKILLS TRAINER: You can improve your Sailing, Maneuvering and Gunnery focus skills by visiting the General Trainer located in your nation's capital. Improving these skills requires 1 skill point, but it is very much worth the expense.

7. AVOID THE JUNK DEALER: A lot of players first buy their ammunition and consumables from the Junk Dealer. DON'T!! You can get these items for much less at the Auction House. Even if you have to make a short trip to a nearby port to get them, it's almost always better than getting them from the Junk Dealer.

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