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Xbox 360 3 Red Light Error - Fix the Red Rings of Death Error by Removing the X-Clamps


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Xbox 360 is a gaming console developed by Microsoft and the hardware of this console runs on software's written by Microsoft. The whole concept and design came in short period of time as Microsoft was very much keen on releasing the product before the Christmas eve and also had the idea of exhibiting it in the electronics shows which was planned to be held in Los Vegas. Xbox 360 created a great hype around gaming fans around the world. One of the key aspect is that, it came out with a inbuilt graphical processing unit (GUI) specially designed by Nvidia.


Xbox 360 after its introduction was frequently reported with overheating problems. The overheating of the console caused the graphical processing unit to fail. The heat sink which is considered to be found below the CD drive is very small when compared to the large amount of heat generated by the console. As the heat inside is prevailed for a long time it results in cracking of soldering joints of the GUI from the motherboard. This problems lead to the blinking of the red light in the power rings. The most common red light errors is the 3 red light error or famously known among game lovers as “Red Ring of Death".


There are various methods to solve the red light errors. One method is by sending the console to Microsoft service centers. But, the main drawback is that only those comes under the warranty is serviced at free of cost. For those warranty expired, you have to spend around $140. It doesn't stops there; you should also take care of the shipping charges.

Other method is by wrapping a towel around your console so that the console gets heated very well. So that, the clipped soldering joints are molded well in the heat and gets fixed. This method is ok if the problem is in the joints. But, this may sometime cause your processors to get damage because of overheat developed.


You can repair your console by your own with the help of a ebook and a video guide. One of the disadvantages in sending the console to Microsoft service centers is that you have to wait till it gets ready and usually it takes around four or eight weeks time. But, when you are repairing on your own then you can able to complete within few hours.

The red ring solution guides that you have purchased from the online come with video tutorial which explain you how to repair the console by a step-by-step procedure. Most guides will be showing only the removal of the X shaped clamp beneath processors as result the heat generated is directly send to the heat sink. This makes sure that a cooling is provided to the GUI. Hence, when you restart the console then you will see that the lights will be blinking in green. For doing this, you don't need any sophisticated gadgets and can do this work with a simple screwdriver. Your console will be ready within few hours and you are ready to play now.

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