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Looking For XBOX 360 Repair Options? Here Are Your Options


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If you're looking at this, your worst nightmares must have come true - you're looking at a broken Xbox. It may have been fine, then suddenly you saw that green ring of light turn red.

Now, of course, you'd like to know if there's a way for you to fix your Xbox 360.

Up until now, if you were someone who wanted to repair your Xbox 360 on your own, the methods available were often strange and unreliable.

For instance, you may have heard about the towel trick. If you haven't, don't try it on your console.

That's because the towel trick - wrapping your Xbox 360 in a towel - isn't reliable, and it's much more likely to set the machine on fire than it is to make anything better. This isn't a good fix.

In fact, it's just another myth on the Internet.

Another solution that's almost a myth is that you can open your Xbox 360's case and fix the problem using a soldering iron. This suggestion's been floating around the net for a while, but it's a bad one. After all, unless you're a trained technician, you shouldn't mess with an important, complicated piece of technology like your Xbox 360. You could break things and you'll be voiding the warranty.

So what's left?

Another option available to you is following advice from Microsoft. They'd like you to send your Xbox 360 back for a professional repair. It's true that a repair by the pros will work the best, but if your warranty's expired, you'll be paying a hundred forty dollars, plus shipping. Then, you'll have to wait six to eight weeks to see your console again! That's a lot of time and could cost you a lot of money.

Even if you still have a valid warranty and can skip the repair charge, remember that you'll have to pay shipping. Plus, you'll still need to securely package your Xbox 360 for its trip back to Microsoft, and there's no way out of having to deal with that two month wait.

This is clearly a big hassle. None of us want to wait this long, and it costs an awful lot, too.

Is there a better option? Well, if you don't want to deal with the expense and wait, you can look for a reliable repair guide for your console. It's not impossible to fix an Xbox, but you do have to know what you're doing! The Internet is full of bad information, so find a source you really trust.

You can fix your Xbox at home, solving the problem and keeping you from having to give up your system and spend a lot of money. That's a great solution.

If you're wondering how to repair Xbox 360 take comfort in knowing that's it not complicated as long as you know the steps to follow.

Click Here to check out the top Xbox 360 repair guides and get your Xbox back up and running right away!


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