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Xbox 3 Red Light Repair Tips - What Are the Basic Steps of Xbox 360 Red Rings Repair?


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Those horrible red lights that are blinking on the front of your Xbox 360 console are a real hassle, aren't they? It can seem impossible to be able to get back to playing your favorite games such as Gears of War or Halo, or use Xbox 360 Live. However, don't despair, as this article will teach you some of the best Xbox 3 red light repair tips, to help you fix your Xbox 360 and get gaming again as quickly as possible.

* The “red ring of death" error is actually caused by a rather common issue with most electronic devices- overheating, Excess heat causes damage to components such as the hard drive, disc drive and graphics card. This damage then causes malfunctions- one of which is the Xbox 360 red rings problem which you are trying to repair.

* One method of Xbox 3 red lights repair is to send your 360 back to Microsoft and have them repair it for you. The huge benefit of doing this is that you can just “sit back and relax" whilst somebody else fixes your Xbox for you. However, the drawbacks are that you will have to wait a couple of weeks to get your console returned and fixed. Also, if your warranty has expired, then you will have to pay, possibly upwards of $100.

* Another way to fix your broken Xbox 360, which I personally recommend, is to actually repair it yourself. This isn't very hard to do, and you don't need to have any special tech-skills or knowledge of electronics.

* All you need to repair the 3 red light error yourself is an hours spare time, basic household tools and a set of video repair instructions to walk you through the process. You can get these in an Xbox 360 repair guide, which can be purchased online for less than $30.

Xbox red rings don't need to be difficult to fix. By doing the job yourself you will save time, and probably even money. It really is worth that small investment- you could even charge other people to fix their consoles for them!

To help you save time and money when carrying out Xbox 3 red light repair, click here to learn about an excellent Xbox 360 repair guide that will show you exactly how to fix your broken console.

Read customer reviews on the top repair guide, get free video samples, and learn how to fix your Xbox .

James Philipson has been involved in the electronics industry for a number of years. Since fixing his own Xbox 360 console, he has helped literally hundreds of gamers worldwide repair their Xbox consoles and enjoy gaming again.


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