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Fixing the Flashing 3 Red Light Problem in Your Xbox 360

Ashish K Arora

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There are many possible reasons for the flashing 3 red light problem in your Xbox 360. Here are certain few quick tricks to solve it yourself. The first point to consider when you see the flashing 3 red lights glowing in your Xbox 360 console is to make sure whether the cords are connected properly. The four red light problem is the problem which is found with the A/V cable that goes to and from the Xbox 360. So, make sure whether the Xbox 360 has all of its cables connected properly in regular manner to your TV's inputs.

In the Xbox 360 flashing 3 red light problem, or the Red Ring of Death problem (as described by Microsoft) is a term used for General Hardware failure. It may be flashing 3 red lights problem or 2 lights problem, the case is with the hardware. However these red lights are very useful to find out in what position the problem occurs. The most common flashing 3 red light problem in Xbox 360 is given below and consequent tips to recover it are explained.

1) If you run your Xbox 360 for a very long time, the cooling system may not effectively function as usual. If any of the cooling system like Cooling fans, Ventilator gets failed, then it will be unable to perform cooling function. One simple method is to switch off the Xbox 360 for nearly 2 hours to make it cool. You can see many other tips to cool the Xbox 360, without switching off for two hours, in Some DIY guides available on Internet.

2) The power supply may not provide necessary voltage to your Xbox 360, and there arises the flashing 3 red light problem. In this case make sure your Xbox 360 is properly plugged in a specified outlet that is specially made for your Xbox 360 console and is not shared with any other electronic system.

If you are still experiencing the flashing 3 red light problem in your Xbox 360 console after these simple fixes, send your unit to Microsoft for repair which may take nearly a month to get repaired. But you may be paying out cash from your pocket for shipping and other formalities.

How about fixing your Xbox 360 flashing 3 red lights problem yourself right from your home? Find out our DIY guide to know various ways to fix the flashing 3 red light problem and other problems without a need for any technical experience.

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Repairing the PS3 Flashing Red Light Error
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