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Xbox 360 Repair - Read These Red Light Repair Tips First!


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If you have an Xbox 360 then you have probably heard something about all the problems that the console has. It is rumoured that one in three consoles will experience some sort of red light error. This article will tell you a bit about what causes the red lights on the Xbox and also how you can fix it and get back to your games in the quickest and most reliable manner.

Simply put, the main reason for the Xbox 360 red lights is overheating. Due to the design of the console the motherboard takes far too much heat and because of a lack of cooling this causes problems when the chips get too hot. It is exactly the same as a high powered PC and you can see the difference in the cooling with most high end gaming PC's having such things as liquid cooling.

Well the Xbox just has 2 fans on the back and this really is 80 percent of the problem. Nearly all chips in any electronics are programed to shut themselves down if they are taking too much heat and this is what happens with the console when you see the red lights.

You can of course send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft and they will repair it for you however the only problem with this method is the amount of time that the repair takes and also you will have to fork out about $140 to get it fixed. Due to the number of problems with the red lights you can expect to wait up to six weeks to get a replacement console!

There is another way that you can repair your Xbox 360 and that is to get yourself a good repair guide which is normally some step by step video files that will show you how to determine what is wrong with your Xbox and also how to fix it in a reliable manner.

You can find many of these repair guides online and if you are going to go down this route I suggest that you follow these tips to make sure you get a good value guide:

1. The first thing to check is if the guide comes with a complete money back guarantee, and then if the repair work is not fix your Xbox you have not lost anything!

2. Another important thing to check is free customer support and it is a good idea to test this before you make any purchase and then you can see how good the response is.

3. Also check that there is a preview of the videos that you will be getting as any genuine repair guide should show you at least the quality of the videos and what you can expect.

I hope this article has given you some tips that will help your repair your Xbox 360 and get back to your games in the quickest time possible!

Happy gaming!

For A FAST, GUARANTEED and EASY way to perform Xbox 360 Repair and get back to your games today then click the link below and download the best Xbox 360 Repair guide with step by step videos:

Xbox 360 Repair


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Xbox 360 3 Red Light RROD Problem and Repair
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