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Xbox 360 Freezing - What Causes This and How Do You Fix It? Find Out Here!


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Since the Xbox 360 has been released it has encountered many problems. Some of the earlier problems that the console faced included 3 red lights errors, 2 red lights, 1 red lights and sometimes the DVD drive will not work and just refuses to play games!

There have been many people that have sent their consoles to get repaired and although the above problems are not as common they still do happen!

One of the biggest problems is when your Xbox 360 starts freezing and this article will tell you what that means and how you can prevent further damage.

Basically your Xbox 360 starts freezing because the two main chips on the motherboard which are the GPU and the CPU take far too much heat. This does not really cause a problem to begin with, although through normal use and playing your games the console takes more and more heat and eventually the chips burn out.

That is normally when you get the 3 red lights flashing on your Xbox.

However before that happens while the chips are getting hot they shut themselves down to try and prevent damage to the console. This is when you experience random game freezes and blank screens and sometimes the console reason restarts itself!

So how can you prevent this from happening?

Well as mentioned above it is all to do with too much heat in the console so a good thing to do is to hoover all the dust out the side vents and also get The power brick and place it up on top of the box.

This might sound unnecessary but if you look you will see that the power brick has fans either side of pump out air, and if placed on top of something it can displace more heat.

Another thing that may cause freezing up which has not been confirmed is a hard drive so try removing this and see if that makes a difference.

Lastly, if you keep your Xbox in are a display cabinet and taking out and place it somewhere where it has got fresh air on all sides. Preferably near a window!

If you are still experiencing in game freezes then the only thing you can do is give customer support at Microsoft a ring and see what they suggest.

I hope this article helps you fix the freezing problem on your Xbox 360!

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