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The Dreaded Red Lights on Your Xbox 360 Is There Any Permanent Way to Repair It?


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If you have the dreaded red lights flashing on your Xbox 360 then unfortunately it looks that you will have to find some way to repair the system. Nearly all of the red light problems are caused by the Xbox 360's motherboard taking too much heat and what happens is the main chips called the GPU and the CPU basically burn out. On top of this the soldering that connects the two chips snaps off due to the heat and that is normally why you get the red light problem.

So Is There Any Permanent Way To Repair Your Xbox 360?

Well the most obvious way is to ring up Microsoft customer support and tell them the problem. They will then ask you a bunch of questions and tell you that your Xbox has a general hardware error, then they will ship you a box to put your Xbox in and someone from you UPS will come round and pick it up for you and you will have to wait up to six weeks to get a replacement.

Of course this is the best way if you don't mind waiting and if you have the three red light error. If you have any other problem with your Xbox 360 then you will have to pay $140 to get it repaired which is fairly steep seeing as you have already invested in a console that should not go wrong.

If you are outside your warranty, or even if you just can't stand to wait that long then you can repair the Xbox 360 yourself and all you need to do is find the guide that will tell you how to stop all the heat getting to the two main chips inside it.

There are a few of these Xbox 360 repair guides that you must do you're searching about as some of them are just full of links to forums that discuss the towel trick which will damage your Xbox!

However there are some of these guides that the real deal and will have you up and running just make sure you get videos included with the guide and also a preview of the actual video. I've seen some of these guides claiming to give you video that they will not offer you a preview, so you really have no idea what you're getting. Lastly you should not go wrong if you also make sure that you have a full guarantee.

I hope this article has told you how you can get your Xbox 360 permanently fixed and you can get back to your games fast!

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