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Why is the Nintendo Wii So Popular? The Inside Scoop and Why You Should Choose the Wii


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The Nintendo Wii hit store shelves late 2007, and was one of the most anticipated video game consoles ever created. Customers were standing in line for days before the console was even released, and stores were sold out just minutes after their doors were opened. The Nintendo Wii brought an entirely new concept to the video gaming industry, and nothing yet has come even close to competing with its popularity.

The Nintendo Wii is unlike any other game console currently on the market, and it can take gamers to an entirely new level of gaming. The unique rectangle controllers have sensors build right inside of them, so they can be used wirelessly with the help of two AA batteries. Rather than just pushing buttons or moving a joystick like other console controllers, the Nintendo Wii controllers are operated by the movement of the entire controller. The controller can be moved in all different directions to make characters move, run, jump, and do all sorts of different maneuvers depending on the game.

The Nintendo Wii also has the nun chuck controller, which plugs right into the regular controller when needed. It is held in the opposite hand and also has a sensor inside of it, and is used in games where both hands are needed. Everything from boxing to shooting games use the nun chuck controller, and it can be easily removed when it is no longer needed.

For those who like to stick to old school gaming, a typical controller is also available for the Nintendo Wii. It looks similar to the older Nintendo controllers, with the arrow key for maneuvering and the A and B button for jumping, shooting, or other actions within the game. It can be used in place of the sensor controller in the majority of the Nintendo Wii games, but doesn't provide the same experience as being able to swing around and move the controller that is controlled by motion.

The Nintendo Wii has a wide variety of games, with everything from war and shooting games to games where you pretend like you are a surgeon. The controller is used differently in each type of game, and can act as everything from a steering wheel to a gun. Controller accessory packs are available to help make the experience more realistic, and make it possible to transform the controller into the weapon or item being used in the game. Small plastic tennis rackets, baseball bats, guns, swords, and even steering wheels are available, and the Wii controller can be clicked right into it to improve the overall gaming experience.

The Nintendo Wii introduced the world to an entirely new level of gaming, which made it the most popular game console around. Rather than just sitting on the couch and pushing a few buttons, it is now possible to get up and actually get into the game. The amazing controllers, new game concepts, and controller accessory packs make the Nintendo Wii the most played game console in the world, and we can only expect bigger and better ideas from Nintendo in the future.

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