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Xbox 360 Red Lights - Red Lights Blinking On Xbox 360 What Do They Mean?


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Until this time people had no option available to them besides sending their console to Microsoft workshop if warranty period allowed them. Otherwise there had not been such a fix technique that could cure red lights problem. People think once they experience this error or failure problem, they can never troubleshoot their Xbox 360.

Red Ring of Death or Red Lights refers to the critical system breakdown error or critical hardware failure in Xbox 360 game console, that's what majority of the people say. But the blinking of the red lights does not mean system failure always, however, the flashing of lights indicate different things at different occasions. For instance, the lights flash when you incorrectly plug in AV cable, the lights may blink on overheating, or on some other error. Now I am going to explain you different meanings of blinking red lights:

  • The light ring on front of the Xbox 360 around the power button consists of four sectors i. e. , the top right hand corner, the bottom right hand corner, the bottom left hand corner and the top left hand corner.
  • If two sectors flash red light then the system is overheated. Do not confuse it with some major error. By moving your console to some airy place you can avoid overheating.
  • The four red lights start blinking when the AV plug at the back of Xbox 360 gets loose. Switch off the console and plug in the AV cable properly and start your system again.
  • When three out of four lights blink, it means that a critical hardware failure has occurred in your Xbox 360.
  • Three lights also turn red when a hardware breakdown occurs because of cold soldering of the system.
  • The best method you can save Xbox 360 with is by using our Xbox 360 Repair Guide. You can troubleshoot the errors by yourself. It is much cost effective offer. Save your money of shipment and repairing. You will explore the method of repairing Red Ring Of death in less than 60 minutes.

    Truth of the matter is that you can easily fix your XBox 360 yourself. Fixing the XBox 360 3 red light flashing problem takes no more than an hour but you need to have a step by step guide to do that. If you are interested in fixing your XBox 360 yourself instead of sending it back to Microsoft and waiting for months and paying 100s of dollars and at the end getting no results then check out this XBox 360 Repair Guide and start enjoying your favorite games once again.


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