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Xbox 360 System Overheat Problem - Leading To Red Ring Of Death Error


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Xbox 360 is a tremendous source of entertainment except the one flaw, it is prone to core digital failure. This general hardware failure more often originates from the overheat problem and leads the game console towards the red ring of death.

Many a people who are facing the overheat problem uses the towel trick to bring down the temperature of Xbox 360. However, covering the game console with towels is not permanent fix instead this method damages certain components like memory, CPU, GPU and electrolytic capacitors.

When the Xbox 360 gets heated the 4 LEDs on its front around the power button behaves in a specific pattern. For example, two of the LEDs out of the four start flashing red light from the yellow.

Some experts have argued that the Microsoft has used wrong type of solder in manufacturing Xbox 360. This solder becomes brittle and causes cracks during high temperatures. That's the reason when the console overheats it paves way to hardware breakdown and ultimately red ring of death appears on the front panel of the Xbox 360. Another factor contributing to the overheat problem is the inefficiency of the heat-sinks.

You can avoid the red ring of death if you remember the possible causes of the overheat problem:

1 Xbox 360 overheats when its openings gets block.

2 The game console overheats when you place it on sofa, carpet or any soft surface.

3 The console overheats when you do not keep it in an airy place.

4 The system gets over-warmer when you keep it in a confined place like bookcase, rack, cabinet etc.

5 When you keep your Xbox 360 console near the heat sources such as radiator, heat register, stove or amplifier, its undergoes heat problem.

6 You can prevent your console from overheat if you bring in a cooler. Many third party coolers are available in the market like one from Pelican brand.

Now whenever you play your Xbox 360 game console, do not forget the foregoing points. But there is still more you have to do, the points I have told you are just precautions. After all Xbox 360 console is just a machine, and no one can guarantee that it will never stop.

Therefore, I'll suggest you to get a Xbox repair guide, and undertake the repair yourself. It is the most simplest and the easiest way, you do not need to be a technical man. It is designed for simple people. You can even fix the red ring of death error in a couple of hours. The guide tackles with all the errors and hardware crashes with the aid of images.

Truth of the matter is that you can easily fix your XBox 360 yourself. Fixing the XBox 360 3 red light flashing problem takes no more than an hour but you need to have a step by step guide to do that. If you are interested in fixing your XBox 360 yourself instead of sending it back to Microsoft and waiting for months and paying 100s of dollars and at the end getting no results then check out this XBox 360 Repair Guide and start enjoying your favorite games once again.


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Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix - Get Rid of Red Rings of Death Error
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