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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Tactics (Updated!)

Bruce Donners

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FFX-2 guideThe complete FF XIII-2 Walkthrough and guide.

You start the game in control of Lightning, the heroine from the first game in the XIII series and sister of Serah, the female lead in XIII-2. Lightning has thrived in the afterlife as protector of Valhalla, the land of souls.

Lightning sits astride Odin's back and battles Chaos Bahamut. You can familiarize yourself with the ATB system with a tutorial if you haven't played the first game. Auto-battle will suffice for now. If you find yourself uncomfortably low on health, use Ullr's Shield to refill your HP and gain Shell, plus Protect.

When you drain's Bahamut's health, you'll sit through a short cutscene and encounter your first Cinematic Action Sequence. It's FFXIII-2's version of a quick time event. As you probably guessed, follow the on screen prompts.

There is a brief cutscene where Lightning spots Noel, the lead Male protagonist, falling from Etro's gate. She catches him and the two continue to battle Chaos Bahamut.

This battle is as easy as the first, use Auto Battle, and refill your health and gain Haste with War's Benediction when necessary.

Follow Noel over the barricade and continue heading north. The toughest enemies you'll encounter at the moment are Pulsework Soldiers. You'll have to stagger them before you can inflict any real damage. Once you have the ability to capture monsters however, Pulsework Soldiers should be at the top of your hit list. The Soldiers, and their variants (knights) make excellent sentinels.

Before the fighting continues, you'll be introduced to the Mog Clock, a mechanic used for initiating random encounters in FFXIII-2.

Mog Clock
When the Mog Clock activates, that indicates an enemy is within range, represented as a ring around your character. You have the ability to run away, or attack the enemy to initiate battle (with the X or A button) and earn preemptive strike bonuses. If you choose to run, you must get far enough away before the Mog Clock runs out or you will be forced into battle. The bonus for striking first is a free attack from each character and 2000 points towards your battle rating. The higher the battle rating, the better chance you stand to get rare items from common enemies.

Continue heading north. Look for the Treasure Sphere on your right after the ramp. Open it to claim three potions. There are a few citizens of Bodhum fighting enemies and another treasure sphere on your right that is just out of reach. Ignore it for now, continue north, and open the Treasure Sphere in the middle of your path to acquire the Map of New Bodhum.

Follow Noel northwest to initiate a cut scene. Double back southwest, grabbing the treasure sphere along the way for a librascope. It's an item you use during battle to analyze enemies, revealing their strengths, weaknesses, and a plethora of other info.

Take the left-most path north. Follow Noel over the fallen logs. You'll enter a temporary state of confusion, but no matter, keep following Noel. Open the treasure sphere to score a phoenix down. Continue following Noel. There'll be a quick cutscene, and then a relatively easy boss.

Boss Battle, Gogmagog Alpha: The game will inform you that the Twin Shields paradigm is the key to winning this battle. As Sentinels, you'll incur less damage, but as a strictly defensive paradigm, you'll also be unable to attack your enemy. When you see Gogmagog ready his “Swipe" ability, quickly switch paradigms to Twin Shields in order to protect Serah and Noel.

Switch back to Slash & burn paradigm to continue chaining Gogmagog. Once you get a hang of switching back and forth, this fight will be a breeze. Stagger him with physical and magic attacks, then finish the job. When he's defeated, you'll earn 500 crystarium points, and your first of many fragments, Gogmagog Fragment Alpha.

Fragments play a special role in FFXIII-2. They are solidified memories, containing valuable knowledge of the history behind characters and locales in the game.

Keep up with Noel, and grab the treasure sphere containing 300 gil. When you hop down into the crater, grab one more treasure sphere for 2 Gysahl Greens. It's slightly hard to see, located just over the edge of the cliff near the crater. You'll use these to ride chocobos found throughout the game.

Examine the crystal structure in the middle of the crater. Noel uncovers a time gate within the crystal and reveals that this is the way to back to Lightning in Valhalla.

In the cut-scene that follows, he mentions that artefacts are needed to travel through gates. Artefacts are objects stuck between two points in time, creating an informal link between the two eras. They act as keys to gates. You'll have to find an artefact to continue your search for Lightning. But first, let's get some rest!

When you awake, the game informs you that you now have access to the crystarium and paradigms section in the menu. The crystarium is how you upgrade your character. You spend CP towards a series of nodes. You can focus your CP towards a primary role or mix and match between multiple.

Open up the crystarium into the crystarium. Upgrade Serah and Noel's primary roles, Ravager and Commando respectively. I took each of them to LV. 10.

Your current goal is the artefact needed to open the gate within the crater. First, examine the tree on the beach near NORA's headquarters. You'll find Lightning's Knife, and engage a new live trigger event.

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