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How to Fix Scratched PS2 Games

Raymond Remi Rheault

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Even though the PS3 is quickly becoming popular, many of us have decided to stick to the PS2. There are more games, cheaper products, and more options for purchase. Heck, you can even download ps2 games on the internet. Of course, these games are going to get a lot of use (because they’re awesome!) and eventually you are going to want to know how to fix scratched ps2 games. This article will help.

Is it scratched or just dirty?

Sometimes the problem with our game is not a scratch. Really, the ps2 will read a lot of games with shallow scratches but it really has a problem with caked-on gook. Try cleaning the disc before you attempt to fix the scratch (or you might do work harm than is necessary).

It’s scratched! How do you fix it?

It’s actually really easy to fix scratched PS2 games. This is what you need.

  • Baking Soda Toothpaste
  • a Lint-free cloth (an eyeglasses cloth is perfect)

Before you start you should know that it is not a good idea to wipe your disc in circles. Unlike old LPs (where you had to follow the groove), PS2 Games should be rubbed from the center straight to the outside edge. Wiping in circles does more damage and you want to avoid that.

5 Simple steps to fix scratched ps2 games

  • Put a little warm water on the disc.
  • apply a little toothpaste to your cloth
  • rub (as directed) over the scratched area and around it. If you have a lot of scratches then you should do the whole disc. 10-15 swipes from inside to out should do the trick.
  • rinse the toothpaste off
  • allow the disc to air dry

See? It’s not hard to fix scratched PS2 Games at all. There is one problem to this method though; You can do it too often. Realize that you are grinding down the plastic surface around the crack to make the ps2 think it’s shallow. If you do it too often then you will have no plastic buffer left and the foil data layer will get destroyed. For serious problems (or repeated damage) your best bet is to resurface the disc.

Fixing scratched games (for any system) can be time-consuming and sometimes causes more damage in the long run. Visit the Electronic Toy Room for advice on quick and easy ways to fix scratched ps2 games properly!


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