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Simple Tips to Improve Standings in Counter Strike Global Offensive Game

Lora Davis

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If you're here reading this then it's a pretty good guess that you're looking to improve your standings in Counter Strike Global Offensive. It's a hard, unforgiving game, and there are no short-cuts or easy ways. If you're a good player, then it's highly probable that most you can expect to achieve is to get right around the average on the global standings. But if you can't abide mediocrity, and you want to see yourself and your team among the game's upper echelons, among the best of the best, then the five tips below will help get you there.

1. Get The Right Gear.

If you want to be a pro, you need the same tools the pros use. That means a gaming mouse, and a 100-144hz monitor with the appropriate sensitivity settings. Gaming mouses present with less latency, and excellent control with the mouse acceleration feature, which is needed for FPS games. You could also consider a gaming keyboard, which comes with a feature called ghost keys, which allow you to press more than four keys simultaneously and have them registered in-game. Normal keyboards can only register up to four keys, and no more. The benefit for all of this is that it will enhance your reaction time to scenarios and in-game events.

2. Lead by example

Even if you have the right gear and you're a solid, well-practiced, well-regarded player, you may not be getting the boost you need to reach the upper echelons of Counter Strike Global Offensive. What you need in this case is that certain something that separates the merely good from the truly elite, and that certain something is the ability to lead. For this, you don't need to take expensive seminars, you simply need to pay attention to what the elite players do, check your ego, and accept your mistakes.

3. Study What the Pros Do

Nobody is going to offer you any free boosting. Everything you do has a cost. In this case, YouTube is your friend. If you want to get better at Counterstrike Global Offensive, then you need to pay attention to those who have come before you. There are literally thousands of hours of solid video scattered throughout the internet. Go there. Study them. Look for their strategies, and watch how they're applied in various situations and circumstances. Listen also for how the best of the best set up their squad-tactics, how they communicate, what in-game weapons and out-of-game tools they prefer. Get them.

4. Practice

Once you've picked up the best equipment, and you've spent hours watching how the pros operate, including swallowing up their leadership and squad-tactics, you're going to want to log in some hours yourself. And by some hours, I mean lots of hours. The common saying is that on average, if you're looking to master something, you're going to have to spend ten thousand hours doing that and only that. So get your squad together everyday for an hour a day and get started. Ten thousand hours of practice means roughly 417 days, or if you prefer 13.6 months. Hope your calendar's clear.

5. Buy A Service

So I lied. There is one shortcut. If the idea of devoting an hour a day every day for the next ten years to mastering a video game doesn't appeal to you, but you'd rather have all the fame, glory and awesomeness that comes with having a maxed out character right now, there are still ways to get this done. There are a number of different services on the internet that will be more than happy to give you the boosting you want for a fee. You pay them the money, hand over the password to your account, and then go binge-watch something on Netflix for a week, and when you come back you'll have an elite ranking.


Anything worth doing is worth doing often, right and well. That's not how the common saying goes, but it's the best you're going to get in short notice. If you want to be the best at something, then you're going to need to make the sacrifices in time and money to get there. If you're absolutely sure you want to be the best at Counterstrike Global Offensive, then that's going to be a decent amount of money, and a considerable amount of time. Or you could cheat and pay a service. I mean, really? How many of those maxed-out characters lingering in MMO's do you honestly think played through the entire game? Probably not as many as you think.

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