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Seven Frequently Asked Questions About Modded Controllers


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What is a Modded Controller?
A Modded Controller is a controller that has been modified and optimized to enhance the gaming experience. This can include several different abilities, such as Rapid Fire. They allow weapons to be used more effectively and fire faster than a normal controller would allow. Custom colors, designs, and features are available.

What kind of games can I play with a Modded Controller?
Modded Controllers are ideal for first person shooter games such as Call of Duty, Halo, or Gears of War. The mods are specifically designed to allow for more customized game play with these styles of games. When the mods are not active the controllers can be used normally to play any game.

Will a Modded Controller interfere with normal game play?
When a Modded Controller is being used, game play can function normally by turning off the mod. Wireless controllers will sync and allow for normal function. The controllers are also compatible with head sets. The mod will function whenever activated and can be adjusted to suit gaming style.

What are the benefits of a Modded Controller?
Modded Controllers allow for more customized game play. The controller is built to suit the needs of the player and enhance their style of play. This can make difficult game play significantly easier or simply be used as a convenience to the player. The controllers allow users to shoot quicker and faster. Another benefit is custom skins and different color glow effects are available for many of the different mod styles.

What is a Rapid Fire Button Mod?
Rapid Fire is a popular mod feature because it allows weapons to be fired at their maximum rate. A small chip is installed inside the controller that allows buttons to be pushed at a faster rate. This turns a manual weapon into an automatic.

What Power Packs are available for the Modded Controller?
Modded Controllers have several power packs available to help customize game play. Power packs are individual add ons that focus on one or two new features. For example, Power Pack Green includes burst and jump shot mods. Active Reload Power Pack allows users to reload their weapons at a faster rate than they normally would be able to. Each mod has its own specific purpose, however, many different mods can be placed on the same controller.

Why do I need a Master Loyalty add-on for my Modded Controller?
Master Loyalty packs contain all 53 available mods. This bundles the features together and places them for sale at a fraction of the cost. By purchasing a controller with all of the mods preloaded, any gamer can find a style that suits them best and fully enjoy their game.

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GamingModz, Inc. is the largest company who offers not only Rapid Fire Installation, but Exclusive Add On options such as Drop Shot Mod, On/Off Button Mod, Auto Burst Jitter Mod, Fast Reload Mod, and Active Reload for “GOW3". We are always trying to find ways on how to enhance gaming experience and performance. Follow us on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. We use only the latest in controller board technology using genuine Microsoft® and Sony® products. This means all of our Xbox controllers use the latest modded xbox 360 controllers and create your own xbox 360 controller . You can tell if a controller is CG2 by the capacitor under the battery pack labeled “C15". If the capacitor is vertical then your controller is a CG2. If it is horizontal or not present at all then your controller uses an older model board.

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