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My Diablo 3 Review - The New Game by Blizzard


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  • Anyone who plays games even casually will have heard about Diablo. It is impossible to not have done so. Diablo has been a staple for action-RPGs and has even been an inspiration to many similar games known as Diablo Clones (see Titan Quest). But what makes Diablo 3 stand out? Easy, the fighting and the equipment. Diablo 3 is a game where you start up and quickly get into the fighting, slaughtering monsters and finding loot.

Let's start off this review by talking about the graphics shall we. Diablo computer games are not famous for their graphical aspect, but instead for their combat. With that being said, Diablo 3 does have pretty good gfx but they quickly lose their appeal as soon as you zoom into your character. The spell casting effects are great and are varied a lot between classes, and there is a lot of different monsters.

Diablo 3

Gameplay is where Diablo 3 really shines. Diablo 3 has some of the best action in our time, in any game period. It is great fun when you get in a game with three other players and just start smacking enemies like there is no end to them (which there isn't). Champions and Uniques can be great fun too, as some variations of them are harder than the actual end bosses. You see, Champion monsters and Uniques are special enemies that have abilities known as “affixes". These powers grant demons special abilities like electricity dmg, extra health, freezing explosions, and many other things. Monsters start out with one affix and go as high as 5 in Inferno mode.

Treasure Goblins are a fantastic new addition to Diablo 3. The best way to refer to these creatures is “moving treasure chest” or “Piñata”. The reason they are called that is that Treasure Goblins spawn randomly in dungeons and offer no threat to the player, but the party can choose to slay them for a reward. As soon as they are damaged, the Treasure Goblins will start running all over the map, dropping things as they run. If you manage to kill them they leave behind a big lot of useful loot. The downside is that if they are not killed in time, the Treasure Goblin will open a portal and escape.

The official description said by Blizzard about the Treasure Goblin is: “He'll randomly and rarely appear in dungeons, but when he does you'll want to beat the candy out of him as he'll drop progressively better loot with each hit. Don't let him escape!”

If you are the type of person that plays computer games for their PvP (Player versus Player) aspect, you might want to stall a bit before purchasing Diablo 3 as PvP is not included yet (as of writing this article). It should be included soon however.

Sound and dialog is great in this game. The voice acting is very professional and is voiced by well known voice actors such as Paul Eiding and Michael Gough. All dialog in Diablo 3 is voiced, even small dialog such as background chatter.

Diablo 3

Overall I recommend the game to pretty much everyone who has ever loved games. It is everything you wish for and more, and you can increase your experience simply by joining a game with other players.

For more information about Diablo 3, please check my blog over at Diablo 3 . We regularly update the blog with news related to the game, guide reviews, patch notes, etc.

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