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The Ultimate WoW Leveling Guides - Reviews of the Top World of Warcraft Guides


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As a hardcore World of Warcraft gamer I have tried probably most if not every wow power leveling guide out there. The main problem with wow leveling guides is that every website out there this side of the Potomac pumps these up to be the best thing since sliced bread. The trouble is they all have the same major problem. As you can see right off the bat this isn't going to be one of those oh, this guide is amazing you just got to have get it kind of articles. No, instead I'm taking these older guides and “calling them on the mat" so to speak because the truth is they're not what they used to.

Sure they have great information and had their place in the sun back in the day but they all lack one all important element Efficiency.

Why Guides like Joanas Horde Leveling Guide are Showing Their Age

Firstly most of these wow power leveling guides were written from a certain perspective. And while it might seem like I'm picking on the Joana Guide the same is true of most pdf wow leveling guides. They're written on the assumption that you play as a certain race or class. In the case of the horde leveling guide they are assuming you want to play as an Orc or Troll Hunter. Well what happens if you want to play as another race, say for example a Blood elf. That really changes things doesn't it. Immediately you are left on your own. The only way you can follow along with the guide would be to do your starting zone quests on your own and catch up with the guide in the barrens somewhere around level 15 or so. Not exactly efficient. As you can lose valuable gaming time in the early stages and quickly find yourself behind.

The Second Reason Why WoW Leveling Guides are Becoming Outdated

They lack interactivity and as such re-enforce bad playing habits. When you use an older wow power leveling guide typical game play flows like this. You're power questing along and somewhere along the way you get puzzled. So what did you do? You most likely Alt Tabbed out of the game, headed over to your guide, quickly searched for whatever it was you needed and Alt Tabbed back into the game and carried on. Sound familiar? I bet it does because we have all done it right? The problem is while this may only take a few moments it actually wastes time. If you were to keep track all these small “Alt Tab moments" and totaled them up over the course of several levels it could very quickly amount to a ton of wasted game time.

So what's a gamer to do? The answer is stop using these older outdated guides. With developments inside the game and thanks to mod makers using these older wow leveling guides is becoming a thing of the past. Now you can have everything available, all the leveling tips questing information and more right inside the game so that you never have to Alt Tab again. Plus it's streamlined for every class and race.

Stop using these older guides and enjoy the benefits of an in-game leveling guide. The first time I made the change I was blown away. Not only did I have all that great leveling information right in front of my face but it also gave me a directional arrow and distance to destination right above my character so that I didn't have to waste any game time at all while I power leveled. Listen One article alone can't possibly cover all the benefits to using an in-game wow leveling guide, which is why I cover everything in full detail including screen shots and video over at wow leveling guides reviewed.

Join the thousands who have taken their wow power leveling to new heights and learn how to level past your guild mates and leave them in the dust. Visit Secret Warcraft Tips today.


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