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Giving Your Child's Education a Boost?

Victor Epand

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There are so many games on the Internet; we had a hard time choosing which ones to review. But with your child's learning in mind we scoured the Internet from top to bottom and found some very interesting games that the child can search and find words, make plurals of singular words, learn what a noun, verb, preposition, adjective, adverb, and conjunction is. Then after they know what these parts of speech are they can readily pick them out in a sentence. They can also learn to put sentences together and take them apart.

Some games can teach them to count as well as recognize each number by sight. Others can teach them how to add, subtract, multiple and divide. We even found some games on algebra and higher math. Some games teach shapes while some go as far as geometry.

How about reading? Well we even found some games that would read to the child, let the child try to read with the computer and some even let the child write his or her own book! What an accomplishment for a young reader!

Over the years our public schools have changed. There are too many children in a class and some truly get left behind. Teachers don't get paid enough to stop the class and help one or two children. They are improving, we hope, but at what cost? Is your child one of those that has a learning problem? Or is your child the child that needs to have something explained in a different way, or several different ways?

With the age of the computers, those very children have chance. A chance to learn and excel. A chance to catch up with the class with a little help at home and with some of the games we have mentioned above. We are not advocating that you set your child in front of a computer screen all day or that you let them play unsupervised while on the computer. There are places that your child has no business going to on the Internet. The same predators that are roaming our streets are roaming the Internet just as hard (with less attention). So don't just plug your child into the computer and walk away. Come back and praise the child, encourage him or her so that they will continue to try. A child always wants to please his or her parents. That is only natural, so the more praise and encouragement you give your child, the better he or she will try.

Find out which areas your child is behind in and then find a program on the Internet that will teach them in a different way than they have been shown at school or at home.

If you are home schooling your child - rejoice! There are so many free sites which offer games that your child can play to increase their skills. Our only complaint with the home schooling material we have examined was that if the child needed more work on a certain portion of their studies, there were not enough practice sheets to work on. So find a site which has a game that is teaching the child the same things he is having trouble with and let them play. Just because it is play does not mean that it is bad or not helpful. Organized, carefully chosen games can be quite an asset to your home schooling program.

All and all, we found so many games that were educational; your child cannot begin to complain of boredom!!

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Giving An Extra Special Gift To A Child
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