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A New Kind of Flashcards

Victor Epand

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Math games for the child who is learning their addition facts are great. As a parent, I have spent hours upon hours doing the flashcard thing. Knowing that you no longer have to do flash cards is a real time saver. Now your child has an alternative way to answer the same flash card questions! Your child will not complain about having to answer all of the addition and subtraction facts as they achieve a higher level in the game! So come on, let's play ball!!

The first game that we review is Math Baseball. Here the pitcher stands on the pitching mound and the child is the batter up. He or she them answers the addition fast by inserting the correct sum and then he/ she gets to hit the ball. The computer will tell the child whether the answer is worth a one base hit, two base run or maybe a homerun!! Of course three incorrect answers are the end of the game. Your score is displayed and the next time you play, you try to beat your last score. Every addition fact is represented in several ways and the child has had a good review of his or her addition facts.

The subtraction goes the same as the addition and is scored the same way. Again, the child gets a good review and love to do it too!

This game has four modes. They are easy, medium, hard and super brain. Each level gets harder and harder and challenges your child even more. They have addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and then you advance to algebra using all of the above setting too. This game could be played up to the age of 14 and then the child will be on to polynomials.

With Bumblebee Numbers, the child will catch a flying dandelion seed and place it is the appropriate flower. Let's say that the equation the flower had on it was 7 - 5 =. The child is looking for the dandelion seed that is a 2. They direct the bee into the wind cloud so that the wind can blow on the dandelions and release a few seed. He or she then catches the seed and drops the seed into the correct flower and that flower disappears. This is more of a challenge as you have more and more seeds blowing around and the bee must catch the correct seed that corresponds to the right flower. This is for children who know most of their math facts. It just teaches them to recognize the problem and get the solution faster and faster! Good practice to ingrain those math facts!!

In Mathcar Racing, there are several levels of play to keep your child's interest. /In this game the objective is to beat the computers car around the track. A grid of problems is lined out for the child to pick from (they can only choose one of the problems that are in the highlighted column. To score the highest, they must choose the problem with the highest answer. So if you had three problems, 1 2, 2 6 and 3 7, your child should choose 3 7, then he or she will be ahead of the computer's car. Being able to sole all of the problems is the key to this game. Your child will have to have a pretty good background of solving equations to get anywhere with this game.

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