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How to Farm Gold Wow Quickly? - WoW Gold Farming Guide Review


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Do you want to learn how to farm gold Wow quickly and make the most gold in the shortest amount of time? One of the best strategies would be to find mobs that drop the most expensive loot or a lot of gold when they are killed.

Even though farming for Wow gold can be very tedious and repetitive, it is a no brainer way to earn gold. To use this strategy of gold making correctly, you will need to know where the best locations in the game for farming are. So how do you start looking for these places?

1. Look For Mobs That Almost Instantly Respawn

There are areas in the game where the mobs will respawn almost instantaneously after they die. This ensures that you will always have something to kill and some loot and gold to take without needing to find another place to farm. These places will help you earn a lot of gold while you get more and more mob kills. I learned the best locations to farm through a Wow gold guide that I read on the internet.

2. How Do You Find The Most Valuable Mobs In The World Of Warcraft?

Mobs that drop valuable items can be spotted as you play the game. Take note of which these mobs are, and you can come back to the area to farm when you need more gold. You may also ask experienced players to share their knowledge with you or read guides written by professional Wow players.

3. Using The MobInfo-2 AddOn To Assist Your Farming

Finally, you may want to download this addon and use it while farming. It gives you a quick reference to which mobs have the best loot and displays a record of specific items that the mobs you have killed before dropped. You can check out the website link below to read the best Wow gold making guide that I have used to make lots of Wow gold fast.

Are you looking to farm gold in Wow quickly? You can read the author's review of the Top 5 Wow Gold Making Guides at before downloading one!

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WoW Gold Farming Guide - General Tips For Making Gold
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