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Want a Second Chance - Why Not Settle For a Second Life?


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Nowadays people live stressful, busy lives - you may want to correct me and say that it was always like this, but I would rather contradict you. See, back in the old days - say 200 years ago - most people were mostly working physically, carrying stuff and doing everything with their hands. When they got home, they were only tired and not as stressed as to finding solutions because their job mostly involved physical strength and operations. Since in the world of today everything is run by machines it is left to us humans to worry about logical operations, situations and so on. I could be a bit ironical and say that finally humans are used as beings with brains and not with muscles. However, since the stressed applied on the brain is now greater we find ourselves very often very stressed.

Since we covered the subject of why we are stressed why not talk about a method to get rid of stress - why not a game for example. And now you may make the cliché mistake and say that game are for children. Not actually - you can easily join a game that is built for an adult's mind and that is meant to get your mind off your typical daily problems - a game such as Second Life for example. Mainly the game offers you exactly what the title tells you - a Second Chance through a Second Life. You get your own piece of land that you have to take care of and so on. If you remember the game The Sims you may make a few connections. Of course, the Sims was rather limited compared to Second Life that has the advantages of having more opportunities, more similarities to the real life and of course, an online platform. Basically, what Second Life offers you is that chance many hope for - a dramatic change without actually having to make too many changes in your real lifestyle - and it can be a very useful therapy.

What a second chance or just something to make you forget all your problems? Why not consider Second Life as a therapy game - it will not only put your mind off all the issues you have to solve and seem unsolvable but it will also work great as a new beginning illusion.

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