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Making Warcraft Gold 7 Hot Tips

Greg Mee

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Making gold in the World of Warcraft isn't hard, but you do have to put in a bit of effort, if only in gathering stuff to sell. If you spend some time in the Auction House and learn what stuff should sell for you'll wind up making a lot more WoW gold that if you don't.

Tip 1 - First off, you're going to make three level 1 alts. One will be your main banker and you'll run it to your favorite capital city, whether Horde or Alliance, then the other two will go to the other capital cities and will simply be buyers. What'll they buy? Limited items and certain other goodies.

Tip 2 - Any and all sellable stuff (items with white, green, and higher names) found by your main character(s) will be sent to your banker for sale on the Auction House. As your man characters level they'll come across lots of stuff to send in. They shouldn't do any selling themselves and they should never visit the AH. All they'll do it hit the nearest mailbox and send stuff in.

Tip 3 - If you have some gold already send some to your banker and your buyers so they can pay for the auction fees and buy stuff. What stuff? Limited items. If you don't have the cash then start another character who will be your gatherer (or do it with one of your main characters. ) This character will get the mining and skinning skills and work them. Every time you get a 20 stack of skins or ores you'll send it to your banker to sell. Soon enough you'll have a little stash of gold to start playing with.

Tip 4 - The capital cities each have several vendors with “limited items" for sale. These are the items where only one or two are available at any one time and these are what your buyers will be grabbing. Many of these items will sell for a lot more on the Auction House than what you will pay for them from the Vendor.

The White Wedding Dress, found in Stormwind, is an example. Buy it for a gold, sell it for 10. Only have one up at a time though, because if you post too many dresses you'll flood the market and kill it. Every once in awhile you'll find common items which sell for amazingly high prices.

Tip 5 - If you know the prices of any particular niche, “heavy leather" for example, and you see some of these items posted at a really low price, then buy them up. All of them. Then resell those items a few stacks at a time (don't flood the market. ) This applies to any niche. I just bought a blue weapon worth 20 gold for only 80 silver today. I'm reselling it for a nice profit.

Tip 6 - If you see a blue or purple weapon or armor piece that you know is way under-priced consider buying and relisting it at a greatly increased price. Don't go too high or you won't sell it. Know the prices things sell for.

Tip 7 - Learn a couple of areas of the Auction House really well, such as ores and skins. Know what typical prices are and how much you're likely to be able to sell yours for. That way you'll be able to buy out the low priced stuff and make good estimates of what your stuff should sell for. You'll also know when to buy out low priced stuff and resell it for a profit.

Bonus tip - Get a copy of the Auctioneer Addon (Google it, ) install it, and learn to use it. While not 100% accurate (due to players spoofing prices) it's pretty darn good and will give you a lot of good pricing info.

Follow the above tips and you'll be well on your way to making you gold stash, however big it is now, a lot bigger. Good luck!

If you really want to make Massive WoW Gold then you need to check out the Massive WoW Gold Blueprint, reviewed at the Azeroth Cookbook ( ). You'll get tons of sneaky tricks and tips to make more gold than you can easily spend.


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