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World of Warcraft Leveling Tips


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A lot of world of warcraft players are constantly on the look for wow speed leveling tips. As a hardcore gamer of the game since it's inception I have tried and heard just about all the secret ways to level characters in Wow. Some have worked some have not and I hope to show in this quick article exactly what has proven to shave off huge amounts of time from my speed power leveling runs within world of warcraft.

Most power gamers in wow play or have played by mastering and memorizing the steps used within the some of the more popular wow leveling guides such as Joanas Horde Leveling guide and Brian Kopp Alliance guide. This was fine and dandy 2 years ago but these methods no longer are efficient, nor do they allow for multiple playing styles which takes away from having a unique all power character within the game. Here's why

Let's look at the standard playing format used by most world of warcraft players. They are attempting to power a way through a particular zone and you get stuck. Either you forget the steps or just can't quite find that sweet spot for exp, or npc or whatever the case may be. Most wow players simply play the game with their popular leveling guides open in the background. So they simply Alt Tab over to the guide find what they need then Alt tab back over into the game and carry on. While this may only take a few seconds or up a minute of total time to do so, playing in this way is not the most efficient means. If you were to total up all the used game time in wow speed leveling using this method and total it up over the course of say 20 levels you quickly see that this can amount to a lot of wasted in game time. In fact when I added this up on my last wow speed leveling run I discovered that I could have easily been a couple levels higher then I was currently if I had found and used a more efficient way to level without Alt tabbing.

With advances in the game and changes to the gui, and with the help of mod developers here's the ultimate world of warcraft leveling tips for any gamer. Stop Alt tabbing. Plain and simple. Now I know that this isn't exactly very easy to do, but what if you could gain all the information you needed from a world of warcraft leveling guide without having to leave the game at all? What if you could get whatever information you needed for any class, race or what not right from within the game? Again thanks to recent developments this is now possible. All the best information from the popular leveling guides now sits right inside the game as an in-game leveling guide. No more alt tabbing, no more wasted game time. When I used this first in-game leveling system I shaved off 2 full days off my speed leveling runs. This is a huge advantage to anyone looking for secret ways to level characters in wow.

Now obviously one article isn't enough to discuss all the advantages to using an in-game aid such as this which is why I wrote more about it.

T Nantais is a hardcore wow gamer. His discovery of the only in-game world of warcraft speed leveling guide that acts just like a map mod has made the whole difference to his playing style. For more information check out


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