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Machines at War PC Game Review


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War games is one of the most popular PC game genres due to the fact that players like blowing things up, this behavior is seen not only in war games but in RPGs and shooting games which incorporate weapons. There have been great games that incorporate all of these elements in one nice package such as Battlefield 1942, this game has been released in several formats, one of them being PC.

Another great PC game which deals with war and strategy is called “Machines at War", this entertaining real time strategy game allows a player to control an army of forces across a battlefield, compared to other games which claim that an army of 10-15 tanks, Machines at War takes this statement to a whole new level by adding hundreds of these machines which will literally fill your screen.

The main goal of the game is to construct the ultimate machine which will allow your forces to take over the world, however this won't be easy and you'll need to take down several enemy troops to accomplish this task. This game is quite unique because it features a random map system which makes every mission different and the challenges change according to the new arrangement.

Machines at War players will often find themselves building defenses such as walls to defend their position, building bridges to cross fields which are divided by water and even hiding under the trees in order to execute an ambush attack, if you have played other war games then you know the drill; you basically need to use every trick on the book to stay alive and give your army forces a good shot at victory.

There are several strategies you can follow in order to win the game, however not all of them work perfectly, you can choose to build up your offensive forces in order to crush your enemies with unique weapons, this would make your your troops virtually unstoppable, if you are one of those players who thinks that the best defense is a good offense then you will definitively use this strategy to your advantage; another strategy you may use is to strengthen your defenses by building fortified walls and gates to shield you from any attack while you come up with a good plan to crush the enemy.

Machines at War players are able to build vehicles and aircraft in order to take complete control of the field and airspace, some of the vehicles and aircraft that can be built include: trucks, tanks, helicopters, jets, etc. The game also features full scale maps which let the player have a clear view of the terrain and how the units are organized, overall this is a very solid game which should keep you busy for several weeks! provides a great assortment of PC games , visit us and download high quality PC RPG games which will keep you entertained for months!


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