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Download Free Psp Games - Learn How To Download Psp Games


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When the GameBoy came out, many people have to get it. When GameBoy Advanced struck the market, many people had to have the upgrade. Now, years later, the PSP makes its debut to the world, taking it by storm, sending the nation's children into a frenzy, making parents go out and find the new “toy". Yet, it is not only parents getting the item for the kids. A lot of “kids" are actually adults.

For all these people, getting the games, the movies and even the music to go on the PSP, can be more expensive than the PSP originally cost in the first place. So what do you do to save a bit of money in the long run when it comes to getting video games?

Free Sites Are Dangerous Sites

Remember when you could download music and movies without repercussions until the studios got involved after they started to lose millions of dollars for the illegal downloads? Well, you can still download games for free but often times; the games are illegal and copyrighted.

One other aspect of downloading from these illegal sites is the fact that hackers love them. Here they sit to infect your computer to either hijack it for illegal means or just to do some major damage. Worms and Viruses can do visible damage and also invisible damage. Spyware and Adware is also probable from them. Never use these sites, as a means not to pay for what people should be paid for.

Reputable Downloading Game Sites

With so many sites being flagged as illegal or Spyware related sites, where can someone go to get games without being afraid of catching something? Do an Internet search using one of the many engines available. Some sites that can be found use the system pay as you go. This means you can download several games but you pay for those that you download. However, the fees for the games are less than the cost of buying it outright.

For other sites, there is a one-time fee that allows you to download games, as well as wallpapers, movies, themes and so much more. Some of these sites one-time fees can be as high as $50, which is very expensive while other websites do not cost near that much. The best thing about these though is they have no limits on what you can download and how much each month or forever in fact.

One of the best game download sites allows for the software to be transferred to the PSP in a neat little package. Downloading it things this way is a smart move to save money.

So if you are interested in PSP games but not sure which are real and which are fake, take a glance at this website and read the reviews about 3 different PSP download sites.


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