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Why Zygors Leveling Guide is A Waste of Cash


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There are a lot of world of warcraft speed leveling guides out there. Some are great some are good and some just plain aren't worth the electronic paper they are written on. Zygors leveling guide is a great world of warcraft leveling guide. Well, if that is the case then why would I say that zygors leveling guide is a waste of cash? The answer to that question is simple really.

As any hardcore rpg gamer knows world of warcraft is a constantly evolving game. Strategies that work on one game server don't necessarily work on another. One tactics might work fantastic then when the game releases another game patch that technique goes right to pot. This constantly changing environment makes it difficult for some world of warcraft leveling guides to stay current with the game changing dynamics. However the main reason why zygors leveling guide has in my opinion fallen by the way side as value for its wow speed leveling information is simply efficiency.

I'm a hardcore world of warcraft gamer and I have been playing this game since its initial release. I have probably tried every world of warcraft leveling guide written. Some were good others weren't. Zygors leveling guide is still a great world of warcraft leveling guide as far as providing solid information to help you speed level through the game however gaming styles have changed. For example here's how I used to play.

I would be in a certain zone of the game say for sake of argument in hillsbrad and hoping to power my way through it. This zone is crucial to understand for several reasons. One is simply most people land up here in the level range of 20-30 or so, and on most servers it's a highly contested zone with lots of pvp action and if you don't know the zone like the back of your hand you could land up wasting a ton of time here. So for most people including myself when I get stuck in here, and forget what to do next that's where having wow speed leveling guide like zygors leveling guide comes in handy. So here is how the typical game play usually lands up happening. I get stuck, I need to know what to do next where to go etc? So to make the best use of my wow speed leveling I simply Alt Tab over to my zygors leveling guide quickly find the information I need and Alt Tab back into the game and continue to power my way through the zone I am in. Sound familiar? I bet it does because not only did this describe how my usually game play went it also is how thousands of other world of warcraft hardcore gamers play. Is this a problem? No actually it really isn't, but is it the most efficient way to play? Not any more. It used to be but with changes to the game and with the help of mod developers it isn't.

Here's why. Now I want you to take a mental count of roughly how much time you and I used to take playing the good ol Alt Tab method of power leveling with a wow leveling guide. Perhaps maybe 20-30seconds at a time, now count up how many times as your leveling you probably do this. This may not sound like a lot of time, but in game where game efficiency means a lot especially if you are a hardcore speed leveler then it can mean a lot. If you were to add up all this time over the course of say 20 levels it starts to amount to a lot of wasted time.

What if you could have the benefit of great wow speed leveling guides like zygors leveling guide without having to resort to tactics like Alt Tabbing? You would probably land up being a couple levels ahead of where you are now. Thanks to changes in the game and thanks to the development of mod designers, this is now possible.

iDemise has now updated and released the first in-Game world of warcraft speed leveling guide for both horde and alliance. It sits within your game just like a map mod, enabling you to have all the information you expect from a great wow speed leveling guide without having to Alt Tab outside the game. I put it to the test on a new server with a brand new character and I shaved off 1 and half full gaming days off of my leveling time from 0-70. That is huge, at least it is for me. So I have to say changing my game style really helped to increase my wow speed leveling.

My name is Tony Bolton and I am a hardcore world of warcraft player. Changing my playing style to utilize the only in-game world of warcraft speed leveling guide that acts just like a map mod has made all the difference in the world to my speed leveling times. For more information check out


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