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Not All World of Warcraft Speed Leveling Guides Are Created Equal


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As a long time gamer to world of warcraft I have to say I have tried every power leveling guide known to man. Some are excellent some are not to say the least. However, with recent changes to the current patch and with speed leveling guides evolving what used to be a trusted wow speed leveling guide isn't now what it used to be all cracked out to be.

For example, I think every world of warcraft hardcore gamer has heard of the 2 most popular wow speed leveling guides; Joanna Horde Leveling Guide and Brain Kopps Alliance Leveling Guide. But the question begs to be asked are these 2 very popular guides still valid from a gamers perspective.

For me a world of warcraft leveling guide has to meet 2 criteria. One it has to be relevant to the current released public patch. Two it has to be efficient in its ability to power level me fast. When I say fast I'm not talking about getting to level 20 within an hour heck any Newb can do that, I mean getting to level 60 and beyond.

However in light of new breakthroughs I'm going to honestly say while these 2 very popular world of warcraft leveling guides while great are no longer the best option out there.

Why? For the simple reason that they are no longer efficient. When I used to speed level using these 2 wow power leveling guides, the most common practice was to simply Alt Tab while playing the game. I would reach be trying to complete certain quests or speed through certain zones within the game, and it often was simply too easy to just Alt Tab over to the guide find what I needed and Alt Tab back into the game. Sound familiar I bet it does.

Now I want to ask you a question. Over the course of many hours playing the game, how much time do you think you wasted Alt Tabbing back and forth from within game to these various wow speed leveling guides. I bet if you added up all the time you would find that it begins to amount to a lot of time. If you're a hardcore gamer like myself you quickly discover that if you had of been more efficient you probably could have been easily a couple levels higher then you are currently. This makes a huge difference within the game, where power leveling yourself or your guild is everything.

What if you could use a speed leveling guide and never leave the game? What if you had access to a wow speed leveling guide from right within the game just like it was a mapmod? Well now you can. The difference this makes to playing the game efficiently is huge. For this reason alone while Joannas Horde Guide and Brian Kopps are great, they no longer are efficient enough to be called wow speed leveling guides.

T Nantais is a hardcore world of warcraft player. His discovery of the only ingame world of warcraft speed leveling guide that acts just like a map mod has made the whole difference to his playing style. For more information check out


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