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Why Is Html5 Suitable For Creating 2D Games

Arup Roy

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Gaming in recent times has been regarded as one of the most impressive options for attracting, retaining, and entertaining our audiences. Appropriate sound effects, impressive graphics, stunning visuals, engaging storytelling are some key elements of the game that can make the gamers engaged. The optimum use of modern technologies in recent times has resulted in creating multiple interactive games using 2D platforms.

A game development company contributes mainly in developing engaging and high-quality games for the avid gamers. You can consult a reputed 2D game development company if you have exciting ideas for creating immersive 2D games.

In order to develop immersive 2D games that can make the gamers attracted in the game play, HTML5 would be the apt choice.

In this article we will discuss why HTML5 is useful in creating 2D games.

Advantages of HTML5 in creating 2D games:

Cross browser and cross platform compatibility:

HTML5 has an impressive and attractive capacity of offering compatibility across multiple devices. Its compatibility with different web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer has successfully attracted gamers from all corners of the globe. Creating 2D games using HTML5 incurs less cost as compared to its native counterpart.

Remote Updates:

2D games created in HTML5 can be updated automatically. This is indeed a boon for the gamers as they can stick to their gameplay and experience the updated version. Here the cumbersome process of manual updates can be avoided and the players can concentrate in their games.

Gaming engines as boon:

The game engines of HTML5 have opened up new dimensions in the gaming world. Popular farmeworks like Phaser, Impact JS, Babylon JS, Construct 2 etc have offered distinctive games that can make the gamers addictive towards craving for more.

Choosing the frameworks and game engines of HTML5 for 2D games:

Game engines are considered as a stage of abstraction which takes into consideration the tedious tasks of the process of game development. HTML5 game engines consume less time in almost every circumstances for developing a fully functional game.

The engines and franeworks of HTML5 look after the technical specifications like maps, audio, animation, physics to create multiple genre of 2D games such as casino, sports, strategy, shooting, adventure, board etc.

So to create exclusive and engaging 2D games using HTML5 you must choose the apt engines and frameworks from the list given below.

Phaser: This 2D game framework is light weight and it can create distinctive games for both mobile browsers and desktop.

Impact: This is a Javascript game engine which can be used for creating stunning 2D games for both mobile devices and desktops. It comes Weltmeister Level Editor which makes the process of game creation smooth and convenient.

Construct 2: This is another powerful and trendsetting HTML5 game engine specially designed for creating 2D games. It enables the developers to build games without the requirement of coding.

Apart from the above mentioned ones there are plenty of other frameworks of HTML5 which can be used for developing both 2D and 3D games. These include Pulse, Melon JS, Enchant JS, Lime JS, Isogenic Game Engine etc.

Greenshock is an amazing Javascript animation framework which is regarded as a boon for the current generation HTML5 game developers.

HTML5 offers you game engines which range from light weight to fully featured ones. This can help you in selecting the most suitable one as per your specification and criteria.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the co-founder of Red Apple Technologies Pvt Ltd, a reputed game development company. He started off as a 2D game development company but later on graduated as a reputed game development company to serve diverse tastes and preferences.

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