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What The Heck Are Rift Puzzles?

Carrie Westengate

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Any time you play a hot MMORPG like Rift, you definitely want to take full advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities built into the game. Some great opportunities include Rift puzzles.

Rift puzzles help you get more involved in the game, discover more of the lore, and enjoy yourself while not having to complete any more dungeons or some quests.

This is one aspect of MMORPG playing that can not be emphasized enough: to truly get more out of your game, you want to do everything that you can possibly think of so that you can complete your journey. You need to squeeze all the information out of any game to obtain maximum enjoyment.

So it's crucial for you to learn what Rift puzzles are. Basically, Rift puzzles are challenges you can complete by doing all the required tasks. Rift puzzles are straightforward for both factions in game, and there's one or more Rift puzzle in every single zone you could encounter in Rift.

In fact, one of the better things about Rift, is just how challenging it is to the user to find out how to complete the Rift puzzles. You cannot assume every puzzle is going to be as simple as grinding to kill some mobs. They may cause you to do something at an amazingly quickly rate, and then leave you wondering what went wrong.

Rift puzzles make you the gamer, think much more about how you will likely play in the game than any other MMORPG available - and in a few of the weirdest terms. I mean , that other games like World of Warcraft target mechanics like dungeons, where as Rift does this but in other terms. Rift likes to challenge the user in all areas of the games, and one of the most challenging is when a user comes a cross a Rift puzzle.

Among the hardest Rift puzzles I recall happened to be the one that you run into 12 lamps. The task is to light all twelve lamps. However, once you attempt to complete this Rift puzzle, you soon discover that the lamps disappear, and you've got to light them all before they begin to disappear. This leaves you with the task of attempting to find out a way to light them all, and do it at an alarmingly fast rate.

Rift challenges users within this sense like few other MMORPG has. And it is due to this that I personally believe you, the user will like Rift puzzles even more. They will engage you in fun activities that you simply won't find any place else.

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