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Playstation 3 Homebrew


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It's finally here, playstation 3 homebrew. Well, its been here for a few months, but it is now perfected for the PS3. Homebrew will allow PS3 users to play backed up games off of the systems hard drive. It is also sometimes referred to as PSJailBreak. This soft mod allows gamers to copy games to the hard drive using the backups utility. It will also allow you to copy the games to an external hard drive. Playstation 3 homebrew also allows you to play regional games.

The PS3 is one of the last gaming system to be exploited in one way or another. There are many out there claiming this is fake, but this is not the case. I have tried this first hand for myself, and was playing backed up games in under 20 minutes. You can still buy a mod chip, but will need to pay around $100 or more. The mod chip will also need to be installed by you or someone else, and will void your warranty the second you open your case. If your not a tech type of person, I do not recommend this. Even having someone else install it is not recommended. More than likely you will not know the person installing the mod chip, and if they break your system, you are the one who will pay for it, not them. The soft mod allows you to install a downloaded file without voiding your warranty. This soft mod is also reversible incase you need to use the PS3 warranty. With this soft mod, you do not need to burn bluray disc's, you can just back up the games on a hard drive or directly to the PS3's hard drive.

This is great for any of us who want to back up our games or play games from other countries that we would not normally be able to play. I have already bought this mod and I am currently using it on my own PS3. I only paid $35 compared to $100 plus dollars for the mod chip. It does everything I wanted it to do and more. I was really skeptical at first because of all the sites saying you can not soft mod a PS3. I started noticing, all those sites had ads selling the mod chips. So, I'm pretty sure they were just creating false information to keep making money selling mod chips.

I have included a link to my site where I do a full review of the playstation 3 homebrew. Check out my honest review and I think you will come to the conclusion that this is by far the easiest and cheapest way to play backed up games on you PS3.

To read my full review and to find out how to do this mod yourself click here: Playstation 3 Homebrew


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Life on PlayStation 3 - What's it All About?
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