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Bakugan Character


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Dan the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawler. He is a boy twelve years, this is more street smart than book smart and is always in search of adventure. Dan brings his emotions, his sleeves. He is quick to react in situations and at the same time, quick temper. Dan tells about the life Bakugan with a big ambition to the number one position player in the world Bakugan. He is the master of melee and fire attributes, in the battle . . He

For eleven years old, as a wise Marucho years. Diligent, he studied Bakugan strategy and a little walking encyclopedia. Marucho only son of a millionaire. In Bakugan battles, Marucho device strategy based on closer examination of the data, but sometimes misjudges his impulsive decisions only on data. If a subordinate Dan, Marucho help Bakugan would work best to be buried at an opponent. He is concerned about all Brawler, but especially Dan. Marucho combination is a master of the game water and the attributes in the battle.

It is quite macho. Within twelve years old, RUNO is not your typical pre-award girls. Bakugan She loves playing with the guys! RUNO Inflammation May, the battle to lose and can be contradictory. Sometimes it is in the nature of his team members. RUNO has a crush on Dan (although it does not admit) and is jealous of Julie. In the fight that he attributes light.

The strong silent type. Along with Dan, the peaceful coexistence created the rules and regulations of the Bakugan and a master of the game. Taboo loner, a boy with very few words, but is willing to help his friends at every step. He approached the game as a Ninja warrior, very calculating. Wind elude attributes, in the battle.

May it fall rather than fragmented, but Julie is the best of them Bakugan. Julie would be best described as a princess and the name can be easily made. She's champagne, and the degree of worship Dan! This is his number fan. Julie lives in isolated Bakugan Valley. She is a master of direct attacks and land-use attributes in the battle.

Masquerade is a very mysterious character that has a goal: all news Bakugan Doom dimension. Bakugan great player and Dan biggest rivals, he wears a mask, and nobody knows his true identity. Carnival in the battle is so dangerous, because the fate card allows him to send Bakugan to lose Doom dimension. He, along with Hal-G and combined their quest to ensure the dark side wins by all the negative energy to make Naga highest in two Vestroia and earth! He is the master function of the darkness. is the master of the attack line and attributes used in firefighting.
Michael, a senior scientist in his fifties was the first port to discover between

Michael, a senior scientist in his fifties was the first port to discover between the alternate universe known as Vestroia and our world.

HAL-G, he immediately ordered Carnival in an attempt to crush the Bakugan Standing in his way

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